The Yonge-Dundas Jesus guy is on Yelp. You better believe!

You read that right, believe it! The iconic Jesus guy at Yonge and Dundas stands tall and shouts loud, rain or shine. You will always find him on the same corner, handing out pamphlets and scaring the socks off of poor unsuspecting people, yelling his iconic, powerful yet very short message, “believe!”

And now, he’s got his own Yelp page! You can now review one of Toronto’s most recognized street personalities. The page is called Jesus Guy at Dundas square, has about 50 reviews and has a 4-star rating. Not bad!

The reviews generally revolve around the same sentiments, “he’s scared the crap out of me many times but he does what he loves and has become a staple of Dundas Square,” said one user. Others, however, are not so pleased with him or the page. The negative reviews point out how preposterous it is that he even has his own Yelp page as “…he is nothing but a nuisance” and “he scares old people and children and I’ve even seen him throw things at people!”

It’s interesting to note that the Yelp page used to say “Good for Kids – Yes” but due to many complaints of him not being as harmless as he seems (due to him yelling at people out of nowhere), that “yes” changed to a “no”. Kids aren’t the only ones who get scared of him, the “Jesus guy at Dundas Square” will startle anyone standing nearby waiting for the cross light to change…

But no one can deny that Sarko (his real name pointed out by another Yelp user), is committed to sharing his love for Jesus and his religion. Not a day goes by where he isn’t there and, as many users pointed out, it’s what he loves to do.



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