It’s almost that time of year again! The notorious electronic show capturing the attention of not only Toronto-bred millennials but young folks from all over the world is back with a more diverse lineup than ever.

Veld Music Festival. Source:

Veld has historically been exclusively EDM with occasional cameos from the likes of Lil Jon as well as other hip hop artists who have been involved in the electronic music scene. However, this year, on top of the usual lineup of world renowned DJs like Tiesto and Major Lazer, joining them will be some of hip hop’s most popular artists like Migos, Future, Lil Uzi Vert and Toronto-bred Tory Lanez.

For hip hop heads like myself, Veld is pretty exciting this year. EDM and hip hop can work really well together, either complimenting each other in between sets or being mixed into one live track. I am positive the talented DJs playing at Veld will work in harmony with the finest that mumble rap has to offer.

Future, a huge name in the rap game will be performing at Veld this year. Source:

However, some disagree. For the die-hard rave fans only looking for bass-heavy, adrenaline pumping, mind-numbing electronic music, you will just have to take extra long bathroom breaks when the trap music starts.

Regardless of your preference for music festivals, it’s hard to deny that Veld has an impressive lineup this year of some of the biggest names both the EDM and rap scene have to offer. I personally am most looking forward to Future. He makes hits on top of hits and has a very distinct sound, backed up by the notorious Atlanta producer Metro Boomin, whose 808’s and rich bass lines will give any EDM artist a run for their money.

Veld will definitely be a different show than what loyal goers are used to. But the infusion of trap artists into an EDM show incites at the very least some curiosity for what the show will be like. Luckily for many Millenials, hip hop and EDM go hand in hand in their personal music library so the show is guaranteed to be the talk of the year.

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