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Love This City (LTC TV) is Toronto’s  Lifestyle Magazine and show with up to date video reviews, articles and news on the best trending topics in the city. Highlighted content on music, events, celebrities, nightlife, food & drink, lifestyle, fashion and travel is all produced through our creative and open-minded staff that all have diverse love for our viewers.



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Who We Are: We specializes in digital marketing, event marketing, field support and guerrilla marketing services.

How We Work: LTC TV works with marketing, PR and advertising agencies at any stage of a program, from concept development to staffing and execution. Our expertise is in executing creative, experiential and non-traditional marketing campaigns.

Love This City TV Event Staffing Social Influencer

Each year there are more then 256 billion influence impressions on social networks about products and services.

Love This City TV not only connects brands with their ideal brand ambassadors but turns them into influencers through integrated communications and a custom multimedia programs. In other words: we filter throughout a network of 250,000+ reach to find your ideal influencer. We lead them through a customer multimedia experience. They create original content and share it with their social networks.


1. Identification  2. Strategy 3. Engagement  4. Amplification  5. Result

1. Identification

2. Strategy:

All of Love This City candidates are screened, filtered and personally interviewed before selected to participate.

3. Engagement-

Our selected LTC influencers are then engaged in a custom multimedia program. This uniquely interactive experience is tailored to meet these specific social media goals:

1. DEVELOP multimedia content

2. SPARK organic conversation

3. INSPIRE ongoing interaction

4. Amplification


Throughout the custom multimedia program LTC TV social leverages the power of idea influencers. We track and report earned media through Analytics.



You either want to be ahead of the pack or not, because here at Love this City we’re born leaders, not followers; and we love our jobs and do it quite well. Here we provide you with the breadth and latest extensive content covering our culture from blogs to exclusive features and interviews, videos, best places to party, MP3 and podcasts with so much more. And as you explore the next explosive wave of what awesome sound, style and substance we provide, we let you give back with your feedback. Here at Love This City TV, we aren’t trying to be definitive voices but we rather are the instigator to keep the buzz and conversation going.

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