DJ MEGAN DANIELS Interview on Love This City TV

DJ MEGAN DANIELS Interview on Love This City TV



Hailed as one of the top touring female DJ’s in the world, It’s no wonder Megan Daniels continues to be in such High demand. Her live mixing skills on the stage combined with her knack to keep the crowd on its feet has kept Megan rising in the ranks on the DJ scene at a frenzied pace. Long considered a male dominated scene Megan has redefined and added a sexiness and performance based element that had long been missing in the DJ/Producer world.This past year Megan has been on a whirlwind tour that has taken her all over the US and International destinations. Some of the cities she has headlined include, Hong Kong, Macau, Istanbul, Mumbai, Saint Martin, Saint Croix, Edmonton, Montreal, Quebec City, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Calgary, Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Detroit, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Milwaukee, Myrtle Beach, Salt Lake City, Oklahoma City and dozens more. Although Megan is frequently traveling it hasn’t stopped her from continuing to hone her skills as she has been spending a lot of time in the studio with various producers in anticipation of releasing some original tracks late summer of 2013. Megan also has Headlined major Festivals including the Illuminate festival in Mumbai, India and Bump Music Festival in Stockton, CA.Megan has played at many prestigious venues including Avalon(Hollywood), Vanity(Las Vegas), Blok(Hollywood), Sutra(Newport Beach), Artisan(Las Vegas), Vertigo(Chicago) Just to name a few. The off chance Megan is not traveling she has on and off residencies at several clubs throughout the Los Angeles/Orange County/San Diego areas.
MEGAN DANIELS interview on love this city tvMuch of Megan’s notoriety comes from her early start in Modeling. She has had ad campaigns with Snoop Dog, Famous Stars and Straps, radii shoes and Gears of War. She also has snagged the covers of many magazines including American Curves Magazine, Heavy Metal magazine, Ink Junkie Magazine, Outlaw Biker Magazine, Tattoo Magazine, Obscene Magazine, Strobe Magazine, Tattoos for Men, Lowrider Magazine, Rebel Ink Magazine, Street King Magazine, Tattoo Feuerwerk, Maxim’s Best of the Web, Muscle Mag, Inked Magazine, Alt Girls Magazine, and many, many more!

Recently she was labeled Sexiest DJ in the world by AOL Mandatory a distinction she shy’s away from. She rather be known for her skills on the decks and continues to impress crowds weekly. Although Megan prefers to spin Electronic Music she is not afraid to mix it up. This day in age she finds it important to be a chameleon and read what the crowd wants. This is why many venues consider her a hot commodity. She likes to hit each venue with an open mind and feel out what the crowd wants. Sometimes that’s stepping out of the comfort zone she proclaims but it’s important to keep people into the set and feeling the vibe! Megan is considered a party starter and always brings something different to the table when performing. Promoters, Crowds and Venues are often surprised at how well she can put a set together. Megan prides herself on free styling her sets. She never goes into a venue with a plan! “Predictable is boring I’d rather show up and freestyle to the crowd, not every venue and crowd is the same I like keeping people on their toes and taking them on a journey!”-Megan Daniels

Megan is currently dabbling in Producing and has several projects due out winter of 2013/2014. ” It can only get better with time and I welcome challenging myself in this ever changing music venue!”-Megan Daniels

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