Interviews WWE Superstar Chris Jericho

Interviews With WWE Superstar Chris Jericho – Love This City TV

After receiving a call from LoveThisCityTV management around 9pm on Saturday December 13, 2014 asking me if I would be interested in interviewing the one and only Living Legend himself, Chris “Y2J” Jericho at a live taping of his “Talk is Jericho” podcast and autograph signing event held at Heroes in Woodbridge, Ontario. I said, “Jericho? As in “the” Chris Jericho? As in the lead singer of the metal band Fozzy, Best-Selling Author, and WWE Superstar that I grew up watching on TV?”
They said “yes THE Chris Jericho!”

I said, (in an aggressive Stone Cold Steve Austin tone of voice), “OH HELL YEAH!”

You see, in my line of work I often get the privilege of interviewing many iconic individuals that have gained the attention of millions of people around the world and influenced them in various ways that causes people to take action towards following their dreams and pursuing their purpose. It truly is a remarkable line of work that is fulfilling to the utmost degree. How could I say no to such an opportunity?


So what if I had an “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party” that I committed to.

So what if I had to be up early for the interview knowing that I probably would end up getting home at 5am.

So what if I had to do my research and write out my questions by using Siri to write out my questions as I drove to the venue where the event was being held.

Soooooo whaaaaatttttt???

When opportunity knocks, you answer the door with a smile on your face and say “hey!”


Heroes, (the most incredible store that houses millions of comic books, action figures, live animals, posters, costumes, and hero memorabilia on the planet) had all eyes set on it today with thousands of people getting the opportunity to see what the hype was all about as they walked in and drove past the iconic yellow building with the music from Fozzy blaring through the speakers outside their front doors. Upon walking into the store you can’t help but feel like you’ve just walked into a paradise of imagination, wonder, and childish inner joy. This place is mind blowing!

When I say “millions” of comic books, action figures, posters, costumes, and hero memorabilia, I’m not exaggerating. You immediately get blasted with a plethora of epicness all around you. I arrived at perfect timing when a black stretch limousine was pulling up to the front of the building with thousands of people all holding their camera’s up high ready to snap pictures and take videos of the man that was inevitably going to step out of the limo. The man himself, Mr Y2J aka Jericho aka Chris Jericho aka Lead singer of the band Fozzy stepped out of the limo only to have the crowd go ballistic at the sight of him. I backed into an empty parking spot and watched it all unfold. I couldn’t help but get shivers down my spine and goose bumps on my arms at the thought of what it must be like to be revered as such an iconic individual.

Chris Jericho truly is a Living Legend. Take a second to think about it. The acclaimed WWE Superstar has been in the ring with the likes of other WWE Superstars such as Triple HHH, Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Batista, Randy Ortin, Rey Mysterio, Kane, The Rock and many more!

He’s known for his cocky showmanship and incredible athleticism in the ring. These days however, Chris Jericho is out of the ring and more in the studio. His band “Fozzy” just released their 6th studio album in July of 2014, reaching the Top Billboard Charts and selling hundreds of thousands of units to date since their initial launch as a band.

In October of 2014 he released his third novel; “The Best In The World; At What I Have No Idea” and received positive acclaim from readers around the world. His wrestlers persona and musical character embodies the text in the novel with wit, charm, and integrity. He tells us his story of all that he’s been through since the year 2007 to 2013. The book is a must have for all the Jericho fans out there!

Upon entering Heroes I was jolted with a sense of excitement. There he was, the man that I saw wrestling some of the greatest entertainers on the planet and the man that inspired me to often try the signature move “The Liontamer” on my little sister. I wouldn’t say I was star struck, instead I’ll just say I was honoured. It only took about five minutes inside the building for me to get called up to do the interview. I quickly glanced at my notes that I voice-noted in my phone on the way to the venue, and I prepared myself mentally because there he was, Y2J walking towards me ready to receive my knowledge of him through way of not just an interview, but a conversation between two adults.  The experience was nothing short of bad-ass.


Click above to watch the Full Interview with Chris Jericho and other interviews we had with Matt Garret (One of Doink The Clowns), Jason Sensation (The WWF’s Roadie and Uber Talented Wrestler Impersonator) and Jay-T The Brand (Owner of the Inner Circle Agency – the company that makes these types of events come to life)






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