On Vacation: The House Wins Every Time

With Spring around the corner, vacation is well deserved. When vacationing in a group choosing between staying in a hotel or house is a no brainer. The house always wins and me and my friends we love Airbnb and Homeaway (They’re like the same thing but different brands and perks). Being a person who doesn’t like to stay still for longer than three months I’ve had the chance to experience all of them and home rentals like Airbnb and Homeaway always win for great reasons.

On Vacation: The House Wins Every TimeThey’re perfect for group travel. Instead of everyone getting their own hotel rooms, and being all private why not make group travel an actual group activity? I’ve noticed when staying in a house it feels more personal and entertaining. You don’t have to worry about the anxieties of staying in a new place because you’re all feeling that at the same time under one roof. You also don’t have to worry about being too loud or be embarrassed that you’re strolling in at 5am slightly intoxicated.

It’s inexpensive and on some sites you don’t have to pay all at once. Some rentals allow you to make a partial payment and others even help out with making it easier for everyone to pay separately in a group. If you’ve ever put together any kind of trip then you know that collecting everyone’s money is a headache but it doesn’t have to be.

On Vacation: The House Wins Every TimeThe privacy that comes with a vacation rental makes the money worth it. Sure you don’t get a house cleaner (unless you pay extra sometimes and in that case you already know that) or room service but you don’t have to worry about anyone but your friends being in your business. You can throw a mini pool party in the backyard because the vacation rental is your space.

After using several companies a few times I don’t even see the point of staying in a hotel. A vacation rental feels like home away from home and my friends have grown to make renting a place for a weekend trip a part of the experience.

Have you stayed in an Airbnb? Do you prefer a hotel?


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