New Brand in Toronto is helping in the fight against Human Trafficking.

ALN Apparel. This is a brand you will want to remember. With the tagline of “About Last Night” and it’s trendy streetwear style it’s a brand you definitely can relate to and need to check out.

Founder Ashley Thomas and partner Gianpaolo Caporiccio have built this brand on the basis that everyone has a story “About Last Night”, they created ALN with the goal to form a community where people share their real stories whether it be struggles that they need to speak about or wanting to share an amazing experience they had the night before.


This however isn’t there main goal with the business. With a passion for a cause that doesn’t receive enough attention ALN Apparel is raising the bar in the fight against Sex Trafficking in Canada, specifically aimed towards children. Having teamed up with Non Profit Organizations such as 360 Kids you can expect to see a lot coming out of this collaboration.

When speaking with Ashley, she continuously reiterates, “this is just a cause that doesn’t receive enough attention. People don’t want to face the fact that something this horrendous is happening in our own backyards. Especially here in Toronto, and I want to make everyone aware that it is here and it is not going away by turning your back to it and pretending it doesn’t exist. This is another reason behind the ‘About Last Night’ saying. To bring awareness that trafficked individuals do not experience a good story About Last Night”.

You can check out their hats at and also in 988 Concept which is located at 988 Pape Avenue in Toronto.

You can also expect a clothing line coming from this brand soon. But for now, we love rocking their hats and supporting the good cause. With a portion of all proceeds donated to 360 Kids towards their H.O.P.E program which helps rehabilitate survivors of Human Trafficking how can you go wrong with supporting this brand.

Ashley also has her own non-profit organization that you can follow on Instagram (@the_movement_project)

The passion these two have behind there brand and this cause is inspiring, and they are always willing to talk to anyone who wants more information on how to help. She can be reached at and Gianpaolo at

If you want to learn more about 360 Kids, you can check out their website at

Follow ALN on their social outlets to keep up to date with all new products, and their upcoming charity event in September.

ALN Website: (@alnapparel)



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