The Echo Movement Invites You To Change Your Life

 The Echo Movement Invites You To Change Your Life

Whether you struggle with stress, anxiety and depression on a daily basis or once in a while, we all do. We all face highs and lows in our life and it’s easy to look outward for a solution to our problems. However, it’s when we take the time to look inward, that’s when we truly find the solution. That is when we find the light that we have been looking for. Wayne Mouland understands this better than most and it is for these reasons why he started The Echo movement. The Echo movement is a place where all are welcome and it is all about spreading love and positivity to each other and to the world. I had the honour of chatting with Wayne Mouland, the founder of The Echo movement to learn more about it and how meditation, positive thought and setting intensions changed his life and how you can change yours too.


Q: What is the Echo Movement?

A: The Echo movement isn’t just a meditation group or a humanitarian group; it’s also a network. A network for healers, inspirational teachers, coaches, motivators, yoga instructors and a network for charities. It’s shining light on those who are shining light. Those of us who spread love and light, we have to get as organized as the ones who don’t because those people are organized and they have been sense the beginning of time. If we were to bring our energies together and bring all the soul soaring people together and get on the same page than there are no limitations to the good we can bring to the world.

The Echo movement has grown really quickly into this tree with many branches so that people can connect and bring value to their lives. It only takes a small act of kindness to change someone’s life; you have to be the one in everyone.


Q: Why did you start the Echo Movement?

A: Once I realized how everything works here, on the planet, how our attitude, how our energy and how our vibration dictates our future. How the wonderful benefits of peace, love, harmony and meditation can change your life. Once I collective learned all of that info, I felt an overwhelming sense of duty to spread this knowledge to whoever would listen. Because I do believe everybody should be given the proper opportunity with this information, with knowing and being present. The wonderful things that come about and manifest through these teachings and experiences. It was an overwhelming desire of oneness, knowing how we are all one; we all come from the same thing. It’s an overwhelming desire to spread that awareness and knowledge and to bring everyone together. Once I started applying all these things into my life, with meditation and the power of a positive mind and setting intentions. Paying attention to mind, body and soul, it made me so happy and it brought so much joy into my life. I just wanted to share that with everyone and bring that same joy into other people’s lives.


Q: When did the power of meditation really hit you, when did you realize how vital it is to the mind, body and soul?

A: I was a condo manager for 6 years, managing high-rise corporations and I absolutely hated it. This was over a year ago when I got into meditation, I started asking for things in my meditation and I started to get them. You know, “ask and you shall receive.” And I wasn’t happy with this job so I started to mediate and I asked for a new job. So for three weeks that’s what I meditated on, I asked for something in sales or personal development, something that I wouldn’t hate. Because when I saw the sun come up, I hated it. So three weeks later, this job fell into my lap. It’s a friend of mine, his company; it’s called Absolute Interior. It’s a fire and flood response for high-rise condos and I already knew all the managers because I was one for so long and the funny thing about it, the name of the company is Absolute Interior and that’s everything that I stand for. Everything about you is absolutely interior; it’s just really ironic how everything lines up when you put yourself on the right frequency, on the right path, on the right energy.



Q: What is your personal backstory and how does it shape the Echo Movement?

A: I’m from Nova Scotia, I moved here when I was 18. I was a criminal; I was a thug for years, until I was in my thirties. I was a drug dealing and gun caring gangster for years. Looking back, I was so violent and now I wouldn’t hurt a fly. If I find a bug in my house, I catch it and release it outside. I have totally transformed and what I love about my story is that if a person like myself can transform to unconditional love and light then any one can do it. There’s no excuse for anyone. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or who you were. That’s why I started The Echo Movement.

The way I was living and the choices I was making, they weren’t really who I was. I was doing what I thought was cool because back then, it was cool to be stupid. It was cool to be a gangster and it wasn’t cool to be smart. I always take full responsibility for the things that I did. I was on that path, I was walking down it. And now I want to be that person who I wish I had, when I was making these decisions. That’s my next big dream, I want to find troubled teens and help them. I want to show them that they too can change their circumstances.



Q: What is advice you would give to people who feel lost, who feel like their purpose has not yet revealed itself?

A: My advice would be to just breathe, take it easy and take care of you. As your doing this, pay attention to the details. Focus on your mind, body and soul. Get into a weekly routine that’s going to keep you on a good vibration. I went through the exact same thing; I knew there was something more for me. At the time, I had a talk with a colleague and we weren’t even that close. And you know, he was a big Christian guy. He told me to pray to Jesus and ask Jesus to shine some light on what it is your purpose is here. I’m not a big religious guy, but I do believe that Jesus existed and the story, just as I believe in a lot of the stories from other religions. So, I thought why not, let me do this. Let me talk to Jesus, so I started meditating on it. Low and behold, the concept of The Echo movement came to me within one of those meditations.

It’s more about bringing yourself to a peaceful, calm frequency, instead of that stressed out anxiety of not knowing your next move. It’s about just breathing, staying relaxed, connecting to nature and connecting to the universe. Ask and you shall receive; if you want direction, ask for direction from the universe. Once you have belief that what you put out there is being listened to and it’s going to be answered, that’s when the things begin to flow into your consciousness.

If you’re lost, that’s where I would start. Start with a positive mind set and set positive intentions. Stay at a calm, loving and peaceful energy. Being grateful as well is huge. Gratefulness is the foundation of abundance, that’s the one thing I always say. The more grateful you are, the more abundance you’re going to see come your way. I would start there, to just be present and aware of your thoughts. Take the wheel of your thoughts, be the director of the movie of your life, instead of just being someone in the crowd watching. Think about what your passions are because everyone has gifts. There is no one born without a gift to offer the world and the trick is to find it. Find your passion, what you love to do, find what you are very good at and think about what you would enjoy doing. Name one successful person that’s not doing what they love. That’s a big part of it; you have to figure out who you are. Sometimes with all the hustle and bustle and paying bills, we don’t take enough time to actually sit down with ourselves to ask who we are and what makes us happy. And then we don’t have time to ask what we can do for the world, for humanity and for the animals.

I had a conversation with my son, I have three kids who are 21, 18 and 13 and I have three step kids as well. I was talking with my oldest son about his future because he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do and I told him that that’s ok. If he wants to take a year to think about what he wants to do then that’s ok because it took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do.


 Q: Are there any books you would recommend to people, books that perhaps changed your life?

A: To be honest, no. I’m pretty much a self-taught kind of guy. There are a couple people like Wayne Dyer and Bob Proctor, who really influenced me on that level. I’m not a big reader, I’m more of an audio kind of person.


Q: What is your morning ritual?

A: I’m really applying all the knowledge I’ve been learning. I just finished putting together my weekly routine and I started to go to bed a little earlier and now I wake up earlier. As I am getting ready, I do a quick meditation. You can do five to ten minute mediations in the morning and that is still substantial and it can give you tremendous value. The meditation allows me to clear my space, so that I can set intentions. When you set intentions, you want to detach yourself from the outcome. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. As I am getting ready, I will listen to positive affirmations or reiki music and that’s just to be as efficient as possible in your present mind. You need to be aware of your essence and aware of your thoughts.


Q: If you’re having a bad day, what is one teaching you always go back to?

A: That’s always answered with the same quote from me. I always tell everyone, before you feel, think or act, ask yourself if it serves you. Does this thought serve me? Does this feeling serve me? Does it do anything for me in any way or does it take away for me? That’s a huge question; it’s like if your driving down the street and someone cuts you off. Before you get upset, say something or holler, ask yourself if it serves you? Because it doesn’t, at all. It’s like changing your default settings to not react immediately to anything. If the situation is no good, you just move on with a smile.

It’s also not good to combat the negativity or try to force it away. It’s always best to acknowledge it and look for the lesson in it. Most of the time we end up reliving the same issue, over and over and over again, until we learn the lesson. Once we learn the lesson, we can move onto the next step of our journey.


Q: What is the one thing you want to share with the world?

A: That love is the answer to everything. You take any problem, any situation, if you add love to it then it is problem solved. It’s all about that awareness that we all come from the same place. We are all together in this. There is nothing more powerful than unconditional love.


Q: Tell me a little bit more about the charities you’re involved with?

A: We are heavily involved with The Scott Mission and we also do work with The Yonge Street Mission, as well as Million Dollar Smiles. We also started to set up a petition to get meditation into the educational system. Just because of the health benefits alone. That’s one initiative that we are working really hard on. We also raise awareness for anti-littering because we have to keep this planet clean. If you throw garbage on the street, you might as well eat it. We as society need to take better care of the planet and take responsibility for it.


Q: What do you think the current state of consciousness is? Do you find you’re meeting more people who are awakened?

A: There is a tremendous consciousness awakening that is happening right now. People who were not like this are just waking up to be like this. They don’t even understand how they got like this and it doesn’t really even matter. It’s just like an overwhelming wave coming over the entire planet.


Q: Why do you think now more than ever Echo movement is so important?

A: I love this because we aren’t going to run low on information to spread out there. It’s so simple; all it takes is a little bit of rewiring of ourselves. We are so built like computers and our minds work so much like them. Every computer has default settings and they’re designed to work a certain way under a certain circumstance. That’s what I did. I changed my default settings. I used to be a violent person and I would get road rage from time to time, but now I don’t see that anymore. Once I changed my inside and changed my frequency, I don’t experience the same things. It’s funny how we are taught to believe that our eyes look out, but really our eyes are meant to look in. Our eyes show us how we feel on the inside. Once I changed on the inside, things changed on the outside. I don’t meet the same people who I used to meet. I don’t see road rage anymore. Everything happens at the right time, the universe has divine timing. Even the darkness has a role to play. The darkness is the teacher.

Once it hit me, I couldn’t believe it. The formula is very simple. Society just gets us so confused and we get so wrapped up in stress and smoke and mirrors, that we aren’t even thinking about what’s important. We have to reconnect to nature, take care of ourselves and love ourselves. You can only love everyone else as much as you love yourself. That’s why the Echo movement is so important, we need to reconnect with ourselves so we can reconnect with each other and with the universe.


Q: Why should people join the Echo movement?

A: I believe that we are all one, I believe that there is no limitations to the miracles that fusing all of our energies together can do. I believe the evolution of humanity is upon us. And this is a small part to play in the bigger picture of evolution. Things on this planet could be and will be so much better for everyone. There shouldn’t be any starvation or violence and I believe it can be easily changed. Even as we speak there are powers and forces at work that are changing things to make them better. And the more of us that collectively think and feel this way, its going to manifest into reality.


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