The Best Burgers in Toronto

The Best Burgers in Toronto


The Best Burgers in Toronto1


You could be having a really bad day, but then you see, placed before you, a juicy, succulent, eyes pleasing, tempting, mouth-watering burger. And then you take the first bite and suddenly, the world is not such a bad place any more.

Taste is a very relative thing. While everyone has their favourite burger places, there are some burgers that everybody should try.




Burgers and Fries Forever


The burgers that are served here are locally produced from grass fed beef. They are beaten to form a perfect crust once they have been cooked in butter. You also have the option to build your own burgers so keep adding to your heart’s desire! Or, you could just choose one of the 14 combos that they offer, which is just as good if not more.













Yes, it is owned by the famous Wahlberg siblings and yes, their burger chain has its own reality show. But that is not why it gets featured here. Burgers of Wahlburgers are known for the variety and originality that they bring. You can choose meat from beef, haddock to turkey. In Wahlburgers, the more the merrier is the unsaid phrase, so keep adding toppings from a list of varieties such as orange and cranberry sauce, mayonnaise, butternut squash among others. Interestingly, each sibling has a signature burger named after them.





Woody’s Burgers


3Open since the last seven years, Woody’s Burgers come all freshly grilled on open wood fire. They offer quality burgers that also bring in their own originality and creativity. For instance, their Tokyo Burger comes with condiments such as fried onions, wasabi mayo and pickled ginger. They also have a tandoori chicken burger which packs quite the punch coming along with garlic yogurt, curried mayonnaise and slices of cucumber. Aside from the burgers you also get to order sides such as onion rings and crispy fries and for dessert. You should definitely try their frozen custard too.







Now let’s add a touch of history by mentioning the iconic burger place that is Webers. Established in 1963, Webers is famous for their handcrafted beef burgers and charcoal grilled patties. It is not unusual to see long lines of patrons greeting you as they have made quite a name for themselves. They have double patty, even triple patty burgers along with regular hamburgers and cheeseburgers. You can also order fries, ice cream, tea and coffee and even milkshakes.








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