Saturday December 3rd – Promise German Sparkle Party!

Saturday December 3rd – Promise German Sparkle Party!

Promise German Sparkle Party!

This is the most well loved event in the city. Toronto fans have been waiting all year for this.

German Sparkle Party follows the worldwide sensation of the music video of the same name and it’s our massive celebration. Do a wee search for it and you’ll be inspired along with us to rock sparkly headbands, makeup, rubber boots and your party pants!

We’ve found German Sparkle Party to be a fun way to bring something bright and lighthearted to these darker months, and a chance before being swallowed up in the holiday season of small mixers and office parties.

It’s a night brung to life in a massive warehouse. A rare jewel in our downtown Portlands neighbourhood, with limitless possibilities and dreams for us all. Promise is proud of the chance to unveil another super party in a weird and wonderful location. We’re looking forward to dazzling you with magnificence!

Come get sparkly with friends and friends of friends…

Disco, House, Techno!

MISS MELERA (Einmuzika, Netherlands)
ARDALAN (Dirty Bird, San Francisco)
Leelee Mishi
Ali Black

Lights by Artefact Creative
Lasers by Lumatronic
Sound by alienInFlux
Balloons by Sheeballoonagh
Face painting by Natasha K
Live art by Callen Schaub
MiniPong by Ryan Jeans
Reactor Glitterified! by Ryan Longo
Cloud Project by Pixelcorn
360 Graf by Kizmet
SAB (Sparkle Accessories Booth)
Full bar featuring local Lost Craft Brewery
Island food by Trinbago Delights
Nicely heated warehouse space
Comfy couches lounge
Wheelchair accessible
Ample washrooms
Onsite parking and ATM
And plenty of room for hula hooping!

Hosted by our friends Ashley Xavier, Kelly Dee, Veronika Sparkles and Sonit

Secret downtown warehouse
(specifics announced day of event)
10pm onwards, 19+

To help everyone get their sparkly bums out and joining in, we’ve got some low priced tiered tickets so no one needs miss the party. Get them now before they’re gone…

Ready $25 (100 available) – all gone in minutes!
Steady $35 (500 available) – only a few left
Go $45 (500 available)

Wow, the original German Sparkle Party video that started it all…

Presented alongside our friend Annibale aka Nibz
In support of Toronto Music, Art and Nature Alliance Sets by our djs…

Miss Melera


Leelee Mishi

Ali Black

Got a couch taking up space and like to get rid of to a good home? We’ll come pick up and use for German Sparkle Party. Then enjoy seeing cuddle puddles of friends relaxing on it that night. Get in touch

SAB (Sparkle Accessories Booth)
At the party there’ll be a Sparkle Accessories Booth staffed by a few sweethearts for those who’d like help glamming it up a bit. Got sparkly clothing, accessories or rubber boots that you think will be fun to pass along? Bring to the booth and maybe you’ll see them on someone else wonderful that night!


Sign up…


for friends and friends of friends

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