Restaurants Canada Show 2016 – Hospitality Unleashed Recap

Restaurants Canada Show 2016 –  Hospitality Unleashed Recap

Restaurants Canada Show 2016 -  Hospitality Unleashed Recap

Back and better than ever this year, the Restaurants Canada show was more than a success. Lovethiscitytv & BrandM3dia were honoured to be media and marketing partners for the show this year. This three day event is one of the biggest in the country, and it truly showcases all things hospitality. If you’re involved in the food service, and hospitality industry this was definitely the place to be. This year’s Restaurants Canada Show took place at the Enercare Centre downtown and had over 250 000 feet covered in thousands of food service and hospitality pros. Not only was the show a fantastic way to network and expand your business, but also had lots of opportunities to learn and discover new things about the industry.

Upon entering the show, you notice almost everyone at the event buzzing with excitement about what this year had to offer. Registration booths were set up just outside of the venue where you receive your name name and badge before walking into the show. Once you enter you’re overwhelmed with all these super cool booths to see, samples to try, and people to watch presenting. You could also smell delicious aromas of different food to sample in almost every corner you turn. The show was packed with different themed pavilions and areas to sample and inquire about delicious food, attend seminars, and watch performances. Some of the amazing pavilions featured at this year’s event included a pizza pavilion, coffee and tea pavilion, specialty pavilion, and more. Through these different pavilions and demonstrations at the show, visitors were truly able to get a look at the latest trends for this year in the food service industry. Guest speakers, chefs, and industry professionals also made appearances at this year’s event and some even spoke in seminars and workshops. Lovethiscitytv also got an exclusive pass in the VIP lounge and media room with exclusive interviews with top chefs and well known hospitality experts. This awesome footage will be posted soon..

One of the best things about this show is that there is something for everyone. A wide range of products are displayed from different exhibitors that can take your business to new heights. There are also a variety of people to network with and get expert advice from, and even educational seminars where you can learn something new. Another interesting element at this event was the presentation room, where films could be viewed that were all about different aspects within the hospitality industry and businesses. So not only did the show provide entertainment but also had educational value, and gave you the opportunity to learn things you may not have known about the industry.

One of the many cool things that happened at the show this year was the Top Shelf Bartending competition. It took place at the main stage and was just one of the competitions that went down at the show with an award as it’s prize. This competition really caught the crowd’s eye, it was a chance to witness bartending professionals around the world perform cool mixing tricks and techniques. A 25 000 dollar prize was up for grabs for the winner. For three days this intriguing competition took place at the Shake and Sling pavilion. This particular pavilion had more than 100 vendors displaying a variety of different wine, beer, and spirits. An awesome way to find some new brands to add to your business and menus!

On the second day of the show, from 5-8pm was an “industry night out.” This evening mixer gave the people who attended the opportunity to eat, drink, and unleash their passion for the hospitality industry. Plenty of the exhibitors also came out to the evening event to enjoy some entertainment and network with other visitors and exhibitors. The industry night out was sponsored by Coca Cola and kept every one moving and exhilarated with musical performances and tasty finger foods to sample.

It’s safe to say that there was so much to see, experience, and eat at this year’s Restaurants Canada show, and was a success to everyone who was able to attend and participate. Hospitality WAS definitely unleashed. For more photos and some videos of this year’s Restaurants Canada Show, check out their facebook page

You can also check Love This City TV and our facebook for video recaps of the show.

It was a true pleasure for Love This City TV to be a part of such a special event. We look forward to next year and if you didn’t get the chance to check out this year, next year is your chance.

Day 2 Recap, #RestoShow16Another fantastic recap from Love this City of our #RestoShow16.What was your favourite part of the day?

Posted by Restaurants Canada Show on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Day Two of Restaurants Canada Show



Day 2 Recap, #RestoShow16Another fantastic recap from Love this City of our #RestoShow16.What was your favourite part of the day?

Posted by Restaurants Canada Show on Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Why attend next year?

Why Attend?

This is where Canada’s hottest foodservice products and services meet leading hospitality companies. Brands come to life. Trends are discovered. Experts heard. Ideas exchanged. Deals made.
  • 1,100 exhibit booths of innovative products and services for your industry
  • Industry Leaders discussing trends and topics
  • Non-stop demos, seminars, and workshops
  • Canada’s biggest hospitality networking event on Monday evening
  • Your competition will be there – don’t let them get the edge

Who Should Attend?

If you are in the hospitality business – bar, restaurant, caterer, accommodations, contract foodservice – you need to be at this show. If you’re looking to connect with top foodservice companies to find new growth opportunities for your operation, this is YOUR event.
    • New trends
    • Menu Ideas
    • Cost-saving programs
    • Education on industry issues
    • Networking with key suppliers and industry leaders
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