Free post-secondary books by Government of Ontario

An average textbook of any discipline in university starts off at $100, and if you need to buy multiple textbooks, you can forget about going outside and drinking on weekends! Yes, there are ways, where you can get the textbook from a torrent website; but it is committing copyright infringement. Buying it used is also an option; however, you need to browse through hundreds of online forums to find a book that is in decent condition. Luckily, starting this year, if you are a post-secondary student in Ontario, you would not have to do that. This is because the government has partnered with eCampus Ontario to bring free or low-cost textbooks.

This year, the government of Ontario invested $1 million to Ontario Open Textbooks Initiative, which will allow it to expand its library. This investment by the Government of Ontario is expected to reduce the cost of books, along with the reduced cost of tuition starting from September 2017.

eCampus Ontario is a not-for-profit organization whose services are available to all students attending publicly funded Colleges and Universities in the province of Ontario. Their mission is to build an open online library, where students can get a digital copy of their textbooks for free or at a low-cost. All the textbooks offered on this website are licensed under an open copyright license. This means that the authors of this book have allowed the book to be in the public domain for educational purposes.

The digital library launched on 6th June 2017 and is now available for all post-secondary students to use for the upcoming school year. As of September 1st, 2017, the online library has more than 180 titles from a variety of disciplines (Arts, Business, Sciences, Social Sciences, Trades, and Health Care). More books and disciplines will be added as the number students using the platform increases. If you are a kinesthetic learner; the University of Waterloo is providing a service, where you can print and bound the books for a low cost.

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