Best New Cafes in Toronto

Best New Cafes in Toronto

Best new cafes in Toronto1



Variety isn’t lacking from the Toronto cafe scene and with new establishments opening, there are even better avenues to choose from. Now, we have cafes catering to the multicultural tastes that this multicultural city has developed. There are also more cafes offering vegan and gluten-free treats for the health conscious eaters. Among the many new cafes that have opened over the last year or so, these are few that you need to check out.


Extra Butter                                


Offering a variety of sandwiches and drinks, Extra Butter has come quite a long way in the short while it has been here with us. There are cookies and sandwiches for everyone, including gluten free, vegan cookies and sandwiches; so they are catering to all audiences here. They offer at least eleven different types of coffee, so the caffeine aficionado in you will not be disappointed. There are also chai lattes and healthy homemade smoothies that are definitely worth trying.




Bud’s Coffee Bar

Opened less than a year ago, Buds Coffee Bar is co-owned by Ken Galbraith, who has built quite a resume having worked in many coffee shops over the years. Not only to they sell coffee, but they also sell the locally roasted coffee that they tend to use. There are baked goods on offer and also gluten free treats.


Oakwood Espresso

3Small in size but big in heart is how one would have to describe Oakwood Espresso. There are pastries and scones on offer and the coffee is nuttier in flavour than sour, which seems to be the trend these days. It is the decor that catches your eye with a magnificent wood desk and a marble slab topping being the centre of attraction.


Portland Variety

4It has variety in its name and variety on offer is what you get. There are sandwiches and salads on offer and you can also drop in by for a healthy breakfast of fruit salad or a ham and brie croissant or a hearty brunch too with the optional glass of wine on the side. You can also drop by for dinner here with exotic dishes such a baby eggplant byaldi, grilled octopus, patatas bravas and crispy seared Cornish hen. And of course, there is coffee. All from cappuccino, lattes, espressos, Americano – you name it, they have it. Portland variety is a cafe which relies on more than just its coffee.








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