Hollywood stars look great with their sexy outfits that are really fit. We do wonder a lot  how do some of these Hollywood stars maintain that nice and gorgeous body despite their busy schedule. Beside of course they have a fitness trainer, a gym in their mansion, and we know the list goes on. Let’s check out some eating tips we can all do to be ourselves with what we have available to us. It’s just being smart and sticking with it.


1lovethiscitytvMinimize both sugar and highly refined carbohydrates

High sugar levels can lead to type 2 diabetes, especially if you don’t exercise. Consume whole grain and fresh fruits if possible.




2lovethiscitytvSpicy things

Red pepper helps you consume less food on the later part of the day. Red pepper is a great spice during your breakfast.




3lovethiscitytvNever eat out of proportion

It is a great idea to buy food in bulk since it would give you huge discounts but it would also tempt you to eat more. It is advisable to buy small individual packages. Plan apart & Make a two or three meal plan.




4lovethiscitytvMaintain a low-carb and low-fat meal

A diet of low carbohydrates and low fat would help your body to be in great shape. Fruits and veggies are a great substitute for your craving. This is also the same diet plan that the South Beach diet implements and this a big famous one with most celebrity.




Yes we all blame the 5lovethiscitytvweekend

Some of us really do great keep in controlling with our meals during the weekdays. Work out on the weekend don’t let down, you got this. We do indulge with fried  and sweet foods which really is not a good practice. Stay fit and healthy with your meals 24/7. In no time it will become routine try it for 30 days and you’ll see.



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