Apple Keynote – A refreshed iPhone 8 and an entirely new iPhone X

Apple delivered their highly anticipated iPhone Keynote presentation today, unveiling a newer, slightly revamped iPhone 7 (known this year as the iPhone 8) and then topping it off with a completely different iPhone.

It’s called the iPhone X (Apple’s 10th iPhone), and has updated key user interface features that have been on iPhones for years, pushing the limits of the user experience.

First off is the removal of the home button. Apple has taken the route Samsung took with the S8 and removed the home button to gain additional screen real estate. Instead the home button’s function was replaced with a simple swipe up of the screen, sending you back to the home screen just like on previous models.

There is no more fingerprint sensor, instead a more advanced and secure technology known as FaceID. As the name infers, it is a facial recognition technology which utilizes various sensors to create a near-perfect neural map of your face, unlocking your phone almost instantly.

Apple claims the technology works even in low lighting and learns to recognize your face even if your look changes (such as wearing glasses, makeup, scarves and hats). They also claim the technology is 20 times harder to spoof than the TouchID fingerprint sensors iPhones currently have (although the chances of it being cracked is lower with someone related to you genetically).

Apple has even gone as far as to test spoofing the technology with masks and pictures which they claim cannot crack the algorithm.

Apple revolutionized the smartphone in 2007 with its first iPhone by removing keyboards and excessive buttons. Their approach was to create a screen that can be programmed to perform any task, showing a keyboard when you need it as well as other function keys.

Removal of the home button with its functionality still in place and letting software handle the home button function is the same approach. Eventually, in later iPhone models, you can expect to see removal of all other buttons still left on the iPhone, letting software handle the same tasks.

Apple has intelligently also stuck to the design of previous models with the iPhone 8. Aside from the material changes (glass back instead of aluminum now), the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus look just like their iPhone 7 counterparts. (Note: FaceID is ONLY included on the iPhone X).

All new iPhones also come shipped with Qi enabled wireless charging technology, compatible with Qi charging pads from third party brands.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are both priced at the same price point the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were when they came out – starting from $849 and $999 CAD respectively.

The iPhone X, as you can imagine, will create a deeper hole in your pocket if you’re hungry for the latest features and Apple’s most advanced iPhone. This special model starts from $1149 CAD. All models come in either a 64GB or 256GB version which Apple has cleverly marketed to upsell the more spacious model.




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