Top Best 5 Breakfast Joints Toronto

Toronto supplies its residents with endless breakfast options for your early or hung-over Saturday mornings. Everyone loves going out for breakfast, but the question is: where to go? Here is a list of 5 delicious and affordable places to grab some killer breakfast this weekend!

1. Cora – 27 Carlton Street
This bright, happy breakfast joint is never a let down! Once a small diner opened up by Cora herself in Montreal, this restaurant has since expanded into a chain across Canada. This way, every gets to enjoy Cora’s wonderful creations! Not only is the food delicious, but also it is presented in such a fun and positive way. Before even ordering, you’ll already be having a great time just browsing the vibrant menu! Beware; there are so many delicious menu items, you may be flipping the menu pages for quite some time. My personal favorite is the Eggs Ben et Dictine, which comes in three unique variations (the most delicious being the brie & mushroom). Many entrees come with crispy potatoes and a signature mound of fresh fruit. Find their full menu and more locations online – CLICK HERE

2. Sneaky Dee’s – 431 College Street
This hipster Mexican restaurant and concert venue is known for drawing huge crowds of young people looking for cheap eats, good times and cool music. Although most famous for their heaping piles of cheesy nachos, they also have a glorious breakfast menu, which a lot of is served all day long. Their gringo-style breakfast includes some classics like omelets and French toast, but their Mexican twist on brunch is what draws the crowds in. One of their most interesting options is the Concha Con Huevos, two poached eggs in crisp tortilla cups filled with salsa mole, served with rice, frijoles and ensalada on the side. It’s almost like Mexican eggs benedict! Check out their menu for a full list of spicy morning eats CLICK HERE

3. Golden Griddle – 45 Carlton Street
Not only does this 24-hour diner serve a variety of classic breakfast options (omelets, waffles, pancakes, French toast etc.) in a variety of scrumptious ways, but every Saturday and Sunday from 8AM to 3PM, this restaurant serves up an all-you-can-eat buffet! If that doesn’t cure your Friday night party hangover, I don’t know what will. Packed with a long steaming line of bacon, sausages, pancakes, hash browns, eggs and more, this buffet will leave you satisfied with every brunch craving catered to. Check out their vast menu – CLICK HERE

4. Easy Restaurant – 1645 Queen Street West
With a line up outside this quaintly sized restaurant every weekend, you have to believe the menu they’re serving up is mouth-watering. Although not nearly as large as the previous breakfast joints listed, its food selection still packs a flavorful punch. With a long list of classic breakfast options and Mexican-style dishes, you’ll never run out of unique meals to divulge in. Breakfast is served all day, along with some yummy lunch items. Their Breakfast Burrito is everything you want in a morning wrap, packed to perfection with refried beans, chipotle salsa and more. In a hurry? Stop in for one of their famous smoothies to go! Choose from Classic, Peanut Power, Banana Latte or Mango. Feel free to drool over the rest of their menu online – CLICK HERE

5. Sunset Grill – 1 Richmond Street West
With many locations across Ontario and more lined up to open within the next couple years, Sunset Grill’s classic breakfast is taking the province by storm. This is the restaurant you go to for the ultimate morning comfort food. Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet, salty, hefty or light, there is something you can mow down on. The food is fresh, the service is great, and the breakfast is picture perfect. Best of all, their breakfast is served all day long from 7AM to 4PM, so go ahead and sleep in! You’re eggs will be ready when you decide to wake up and greet the world. Get excited for your next breakfast and take a look at their menu – CLICK HERE

By Alix Nikulka

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