Canadian University Life vs USA University Life

Fall is almost here and that means college is about to be back in session in the United States. University life in both countries are two totally different experiences and we can’t help but to scratch our heads at how something so simple as university can be so different. Here are four of the top differences between university in the United States of America versus Canada.

Canadian university students can drink…legally

The legal drinking limit in the United States is 21 so most college students can’t legally drink until their senior year which means US students can be one underage drinking citation away from being a college drop out.

Canadian universities are much cheaper

A lot of United States students think of college as a debt sentence

United States college students want to cry their freshman year as they practically sign their lives away. The average United States college graduate has over $40,000 worth of student loan debt by the end of their four years and they have to start paying it back six months after graduation.

USA universities worship athletics

You can get a full scholarship to a United States college solely based off your ability to play sports. If you can play basketball, American football and even cheerleading is on the table when it comes to scholarships.

It’s apparently easier to get an A in a United States

Someone did a study recently revealing that high school students are getting A’s at an alarming rate even though university entrance exam scores are going down. A’s shouldn’t be handed out like free candy on Halloween.

Two words: fraternities and sororities

Yes United States sororities and fraternities are mostly like the movies. You’re initiated, you make life-long friends with your sorority sister or frat brother and you live in a house either really close to campus or on campus. Fraternity and sorority parties are pretty epic!




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