Z103.5 Summer Rush 2013!


Fall is quickly approaching and you and your friends have been looking to end the summer on a positive note. Funny thing is, you and your friends all have varying tastes in music and activities, which can often make summer plans difficult. You’ve thought about going to a concert but you wanted to go to a concert that satisfies all. What can satisfy everyone’s musical desires?

Look no further as in just under two weeks, one of the year’s most highly anticipated large-scale musical events – now in its 20th year – is returning to make the crowd sway once again in Toronto. Featuring Anjulie, Sean Kingston, JRDN, T-Pain and many more, this is the night time party you’ve been craving all summer long. Who can forget Sean Kingston’s hit summer anthem “Beautiful Girls”, a dedication to all the pretty ladies that guys love and can’t have? Or T-Pain’s party classics such as “Bartender” and “Buy You a Drank”?

Organized by the planners, movers and shakers of the ever-popular radio station, Z103.5, and key sponsors such as Pizza Pizza and Avante Mazda, the Summer Rush concert this year will be located at Wild Water Kingdom in Brampton and held on August 30, 2013. Before the Summer Rush party begins, be sure to cool down with the sprinkles and splashes of the theme park’s many aquatic rides and activities such as The Abyss or The Night Rider, where you speed, circle and bump into total darkness, unsure of where this water slide will eventually take you.

Regardless of musical tastes, this concert is one to surely satisfy your group’s every musical need all in one eventful night – we understand that you have friends who like pop music, others who like hip hop or dance, and of course, the undecided folks who like a little bit of this and that but can never fully make up their mind. So put on your dancing shoes, your most stylish outfits and of course, your partying mood and take part in a concert featuring some of the world’s top-40 artists as this is definitely a musical event worth buying VIP tickets for.

Warning: This concert is only for the fist-pumping partygoers, the ones who enjoy singing along to popular tunes even while in the car embarrassing themselves, and the ones would love to see an extensive lineup of A-list artists and musicians perform all in one place.

Buy your tickets today to ensure you and your best buds have both a spot in the park as well as at the party! Plus, the party won’t end until you say so – be sure to say the full night and party on till the early morning at the Summer Rush after party! www.summerrush.com

By: Melissa Teodoro

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