Ohio State police are investigating an incident involving a woman who alleges she was sexually assaulted by members of Weeknd’s crew.

Reports claim the singer was not present in the area at the time of the assault.

TMZ reported the suspects involved were not a part of Weeknd’s inner circle. The Weeknd’s tour manager, as well as Live Nation Team, have told TMZ that the two individuals were terminated due to the accusations.

The crew members are alleged to be temporary members of The Weeknd’s crew while he was performing in Ohio at the Schottenstein Center` at Ohio State University on September 19.

The victim filed a police report the following day which reports the incident to have happened around 10 P.M and outlines “hands, feet, teeth” as “weapons involved” in the case and also reports that alcohol was involved.

No arrests have been made as the incident is still under investigation however the tour manager, as well as Live Nation Team, are working with authorities to assist them in the case.