Why They Swiped Left

Cuffing season (also known as the period at the end of the summer where people feel more inclined to be booed up for the cold winter) isn’t here yet but it’s coming soon and love in modern age has become pretty digital. Turns out a decent amount of people are finding love on apps like Tinder, OKCupid and Bumble. A couple who met on Tinder three years ago just went viral for hitting it off and finally meeting after three years. Getting match after match is pretty awesome but sometimes you want that one person to swipe right and they don’t.  Let’s face the facts that it’s not them it’s actually you and other times it’s beyond your control. Here are a few reasons he/she/they probably swiped left.


All your photos are group photos. We get it! You have friends but don’t make all your photos group photos. No one likes to play who’s profile is this anyway? That will earn you a swipe to the left no doubt. Dating can be detective work but not that much.

You don’t have a bio. You better have one heck of a face or profile because not all pictures are worth a thousand words. Sometimes that comes off as you not taking it serious and you just don’t care. Put some effort into your profile unless you indeed don’t care and you’re just looking for a hookup. Again, your better have some hot photos (I mean Tyra Banks/Channing Tatum hot) for this to work.

Your default picture is your pet/sister/motorcycle/car. We get it! You love your pet/sister/motorcycle/car but no one is looking to date those things or people. That one picture is usually the determining factor on whether someone will continue swiping through your photos and even though you pet/sister/motorcycle/car are all pretty nice, that’s not enough to get someone to stay.

Your occupation is listed as School or Hard Knocks/The Streets/Whatever I Want Inc. Unless those are truly the name of the company your work for (cool beans if it’s true) don’t list it. It just looks like you’re the wrong type of corny.

Your bio is very specific in regards to what you’re looking for. Dating sites are not Build a Mate Workshop. There is some give and take and if your bio is a grocery list of what you’re looking for in a mate, than you’re going to come off as intense and that person is going to swipe left.

Sure, there are other reasons a person swiped left. Everyone has a preference and maybe they thought your politically charged tee shirt was offensive or saw in your bio that you didn’t like dogs. But there is someone for everyone and if you’re really serious about dating you’ll find that one. Just don’t forget to greet the person who swipes right properly as the greeting is just the beginning. And hey if you hit it off you’ll have someone to snuggle with for the winter and if your folks ask just tell them you met in the park or at your favorite bar.





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