Who’s Kidding Who?: 3 Things Men Should Consider Before Committing

The other day, a friend of mine told me that if he were ever to get caught cheating on the woman he loves, he would deny deny deny. Obviously with hopes of having his partner forgive him for his unacceptable behaviour and hopes that everything will go back to the good ol’ days.

I thought to myself, “are you fucking kidding me?”

Then I said to him, “are you fucking kidding me?”

Usually when a man is begging for forgiveness from the woman he loves, he makes himself look like a fool by proclaiming all sorts of beggars wishes.

Ladies maybe you’ve heard these phrases before;
– “I swear it will never happen again”
“I was drunk”
“I’m an idiot I know, but I’ll do everything I can to make it up to you”
“She came on to me!”
and last not but not least,
“I’m so so so sorry babe, please forgive me, I love you”.

Guys, all that self ridicule could have been much avoided!

If you loved her as much as you think, or openly say you do, you wouldn’t have cheated in the first place. As a male, I find it insulting that men think they should deny (and lie) their way to salvaging a relation[ship] that is on the brink of sinking.

In case you don’t know, or haven’t figured it out yet, here are 3 Things That Men Should Consider Before Committing:

1. Wandering Eyes
Every man has wandering eyes. It’s normal for a man to look at another woman, but it’s not normal for a man to do it all the time; especially when his partner is standing or walking next to him. If you decide to be in a committed relationship then you should naturally be attracted to your partner to the point where other women don’t even interest you.  (that is of course if you’re a man of integrity, loyalty, and trust)

2. Attentive Discovery
Usually it’s not the best idea to “go steady” with a woman you’ve recently met after you have spent a lot of time with her throughout a short time frame. I’d say a short time frame would be considered minimum 2 weeks and maximum 2 months. By doing so, you risk the relationship drying out fairly quickly, and when the relationship dries out quickly, you find yourself wishing you didn’t commit so much attention to her so quickly.  Spread it out a little bit, telegraph interest but don’t give too much attention too quick. I suggest you hold off on giving too much sexual attention as well. (unless you just want to fuck – that’s a whole other article)

The longer you spread it out the more mystery and the more intrigue is created, therefore prolonging the potential long lasting duration of your relationship.

3. Clear the Clutter
Devotion, affection, intimacy, and lust will be some of the elements included in your relationship with your partner. If you are going to commit to a relationship with a significant other, make sure that you have eliminated the urges to experiment with other women before you allow your partner to feel that you are her one and only. Some men decide to be in a committed relationship so that they can have someone to have consistent sex with. They look forward to the idea of knowing that they don’t have to try to have sex with other women. That’s cool…I guess.  As men, we want to have sex all the time, and the chase for it can be daunting.

Men, if you are using your cocks brain to lead a woman into a committed relationship, then at least be open about your intention. Don’t commit to a relationship if you haven’t experimented enough with other women. (Note: I’m telling you this because for every asshole that cheats on his girlfriend or wife, we gain immeasurable amounts of doubtful women that don’t trust us because of an ex-lover that spoiled all the wonderfulness that she was openly wiling to offer prior to getting screwed – pun intended)

By experimenting you will learn the likes and dislikes of being a playa, and then be able to filter out your desires for what kind of woman you want to be with.


The 1st Point is important because when you have found a woman that in your eyes is considered to be the most beautiful woman you have ever seen, you won’t feel the need to look at other chicks. This can save a lot of potential fights from occurring.

The 2nd Point is important because if you learn how to give just enough to keep her intrigued, and take away just enough to have her wanting more, your relationship will be filled with a certain mystery that can keep it exciting, new, and hopefully ever-lasting.

The 3rd Point is intriguing because once you have filtered out all of the good and bad experiences with other women, you will have a clear head when deciding what kind of woman you want to give your unconditional love and attention to.

Oh and lastly, if you get caught cheating on your woman, don’t be a pussy and deny deny deny; man up to it and understand that we are all victims of our own circumstances and the decisions you make today, will have certain consequences tomorrow.

Think about it.

– aWayWithWords



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