Tough Mudder – Are You Ready?

Tough Mudder Race Toronto

Tough Mudder – 10-12-mile obstacle courses with 25-30 military-style obstacles. Love This City TV

Tough Mudder Toronto is more than an event, it’s a way of thinking. By running a Tough Mudder challenge, you’ll unlock A true sense of accomplishment, have a great time, and discover a camaraderie with your fellow participants that’s experienced all too rarely these days. Tough Mudder events are hardcore 10-12-mile obstacle courses with 25-30 military-style obstacles. As the leading company in the booming obstacle course industry, Tough Mudder has already challenged 500,000 participants worldwide.




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Tougher Together: The strength of one person is nothing compared to the power of a team. Tough Mudder’s full lineup of team-oriented obstacles guarantees that you’ll cross the finish line with more friends than you started with. Whether it’s through a helping hand or an extra vote of confidence, your fellow Mudders will be there for you every step of the way. Whether you arrive solo or with a team, all you need to come with is the strength to leave your fears in the parking lot and the willingness to push the boundaries your comfort zone. –
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