Care for some exotic, crispy Maryland baked crab cake? What about Indian butter chicken with a unique curry sauce, a recipe passed on from preceding generations, made in-house atop smooth coconut rice? How about you start off with some freshly-baked Italian olive bread, with a cloud of smoke still hovering as the bread has just been pulled out from the oven, sprinkled with a heaping pinch of basil and rosemary herbs, and softly drizzled with spicy extra virgin olive oil? Don’t forget to pair your meal with an eclectic wine and finish off with an ultra-creamy crème brûlée garnished with fresh apricot slices, kiwi and blueberries.

Take your stomach on a trip from Japan to Italy, or to the sunny beaches of Mexico and right down to the exotic landscapes of Brazil – whatever you’re craving taste-wise, Summerlicious will satisfy your stomach’s every desire. Plan three-course “fixed price” meals at Toronto’s most tasteful festival and travel the world, one bite at a time, with the festival’s many cultural eats. Act fast – reservations began as early as July 5 and will continue until July 21. Whatever you and your friends are having a hankering for, select from Summerlicious’ list of 195 participating restaurants.

With 11 years of offering Toronto citizens and visitors tasteful delicacies, Summerlicious has never failed to satisfy even the most distinctive of tastes. Don’t forget to share pictures of your favourite dishes on Summerlicious’ official Instagram page:

By: Melissa Teodoro


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