Toronto’s Distillery District – Things to do and the history

Toronto’s Distillery District – Things to do and the history


Located east of Toronto’s downtown core, the Distillery District was originally the Gooderham and Worts Distillery.  Originally founded in 1832, Gooderham and Worts became the largest distillery in the world by the 1960’s.  At its height, the distillery was providing almost 8 million litres of whiskey.


When it closed, the location remained vacant for several years until 2001 when it was purchased and redeveloped into an entirely new image.  The developers kept the old styles from the distillery days, and added in stunning buildings and ideas to create a location that has become one of the most sought after locations of Toronto.  Not only are there condominiums in the area, but the old distillery has been turned into some of the best restaurants, stores, and of course distilleries around.

Toronto’s Distillery District


The stores are all unique with products from artisans both locally and worldwide.  There are stores that are geared towards fashion and clothing, home décor, lifestyle, gifts and so much more.  There is even a place to rent Segways.


Furthermore, there are several places for food that is just as unique as the stores themselves.  Mill Street Brew Pub is a working distillery that sells their product and also offers a menu where everything has beer in it somewhere.  Tappo features authentic Italian cuisine that will take anyone who has been to Italy back again in their mind.


Starting November 29th the Distillery will be featuring their annual Christmas market.  This market is a stunning display with unique venders from all walks of life.  Each vender is positioned in a small hut resembling the same markets that people would find in Europe.  People can wander from place to place checking out product that is both seasonal and in some cases inspirational.  There will also be additional food venders featuring tastes of a decadent and distinctive flavour.  The Christmas market will run until December 15th but be sure to go early in the day, as the market will close each day by 9pm.

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Built on whiskey, the Distillery District has a history that is unmatched in Toronto.  For someone who has not been to this wonderful area, it is time that they check it out, as it will quickly become one of their favourite places in Toronto to visit.  Experiencing the Distillery for the first time during the Christmas market will make it that much more magical.  From the moment one enters through the main gates, to see the German inspired venders, it is a day or evening trip that will make the holidays special.


By: Michael Chantler
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