Pizza can be considered a staple food in anyone’s foodie list. It goes great with almost any toppings and definitely the kind of finger food that people enjoying having during any occasion. There are quite a few pizza places found in Toronto and people certainly come in packs just to enjoy a couple of mouth watering slices of pizza.



Pizzas that are freshly made in an oven-bricked wall, nothing gets better than that. At Pizza Libretto, the line outside the restaurant never seems to end because all they crave is for the amazing pizzas that have the freshest ingredients and some straight from Italy, the city that invented pizza and the passion of the chefs that made them They even serve up some of the most scrumptious pies in Toronto.



It’s the thin crust that makes Terroni’s pizza an ultimate favorite of the Toronto crowd. Some of their best pizzas are Pizza Marinara that’s just tomato sauce and basil, Terroni’s Quattro Stagiono that’s topped with grilled veggies, prosciutto, olives and mushrooms.


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Another pizza parlor that also makes pizza in a wood-burning oven and no doubt that this place is often compared to Libretto though both joints serve the freshest pizzas and certainly delicious. Their pizza is more classic as it’s name Queen MARGHERITA Pizza evokes, it serves up one of the best Margherita pizza in town.


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The pizzas at this joint are definitely magic, as they love to experiment with their pizzas. You wouldn’t in a million years what have thought of putting tofu and roasted flax seeds. They also offer gluten-free and vegan selections for specific customers.



It dates way back from the 60’s, this little pizza parlor still has the same touch and taste as it first open and believe it or not business is still booming because their pizza is pretty delicious because they use fresh ingredients and their pepperoni pizza is a sure winner and if you feel like hanging out in a pizza parlor but don’t want pizza you can opt for their amazing sandwiches that are as good as their pizzas.


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Are you the type that goes gaga for cheese? Then King Slice is your best bet and it also comes with pesto and tomato sauce as its base. Now this is one pizza that’s great for people that are not many fans of toppings that’s green or red or in other words, fresh vegetables but prefer cheese of different assortments.


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Before being named as Buddha Pie, the place used to be called Lou’s Coffee Bar and today coffee and pizza were united as one. The neighborhood is a little shabby but then you wouldn’t mind if the pizzas served here are based from the consultations made with Terroni. Plus, it’s not just pizza, you can also enjoy sipping a hot cup of coffee or even a desert after having a slice.


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Don’t expect any thin crust pizzas here instead, expect thick-crusted pizzas smothered with a generous amount of toppings and if you’re the cheese lover you can always ask for additional cheese to be included just right after they take it out of the oven.


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Looking for the Margherita pizza in town? Well look no more, as Pizzeria Via Mercanti is one of the pizza places that has the best Margherita pizza town that’s an absolutely mouth watering as it has the best imported tomato sauce, locally produced basil leaves and also includes a good amount of prosciutto, salami, slices of mushrooms and ricotta cheese.



Their pizzas cater mostly for people like it sort of dry as they serve a pizza without the usual tomato sauce as the base instead, it has a generous amount of toppings like shaved prosciutto, fresh arugula leaves and walnuts and to give it a little moist a drizzle of truffle oil is added to the pizza. Something quite different than the usual pizzas served at other joints.


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