Toronto’s Top 10 Late Night Food Spots

Toronto’s Late Night Food Spots

Whether you’re a local of Toronto or a tourist just stopping by, one known highlight of every hometown and travel is the food. In Toronto, you will that it is a boiling pot of palate teasers, bursting with life and variety, segregated by taste, culture, and lifestyle for the modern day consumers. But what if you find yourself craving specific cuisines at an ungodly hour? It has happened to everyone, and luckily, there is no better place to find yourself craving for restaurants that stay up late in Toronto. Here is a list of the top 10 late food places or chains that you should visit:

Commisso Brothers & Racco Italian Bakery


Castlefield Avenue, west of Caledonia Road

For the past decade, Commisso Brothers & the Racco Italian Bakery have held its style of marketing. It stays true to its history and recipes, and it has a feel to it that does not require fancy casual wear, unless the food is being placed into trial. Even as a bakery, this place sells a variety of Italian dishes, spiced meats, and classic desserts to soothe the need for food at say 3 in the morning.

Pizzeria Via Mercanti


188 Augusta, at Denison Sq, 647-343-6647

Pizza after a long night of drinking? Why not. At Pizzeria Via Mercanti, you get the best judged margarita pizza the Queen of pizza has to offer. This is of course in the company of other great pizza choices on the menu. For signature pizza that you won’t find anywhere else, you have Pizzeria Via Mercanti!

Golden Griddle


With two TTC accessible locations near Yonge and Carlton and another near Yonge and Eglinton

Every student on the planet knows what it is like to pull an all nighter. And for every student who is up studying all night, wouldn’t they appreciate some early breakfast? At Golden Griddle, they do more than just give you breakfast. They give you unlimited breakfast, and free WiFi, in the event that you think you aren’t as confident with your research. Or if you just need to check your Facebook really quick!

Perfect Restaurant


At Sheppard and Brimley Road

It’s safe to say that when it comes to instant cravings, nothing beats instant food. And what can be more instantaneous and available than Chinese food? Perfect Restaurant has it all, and is considerate of their prices and servings.

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka


91 Dundas St. E. (At Church Street), 647-748-1717

During a cold late night, nothing will warm you up better than a nice bowl of ramen. And while you are on the hunt for the best ramen, you should cut your search short by going straight to Hokkaido Ramen Santouka. This ramen shop started out in Japan in the late 80’s, made famous by the enriched recipe of broth perfectly harmonious with seafood and greens. Is your mouth watering yet?

Owl of Minerva


5324 Yonge Street

At the risk of being too Asian cuisine inclined, Owl of Minerva just has to be mentioned when it comes to Korean food at 3 in the morning. Known for their bulgogi and bibimbap, Own of Minerva maintains many of the traditional dishes as well as their soup made out of Pork Bone. If you are curious enough to try it, you will not regret it.

The Thompson Diner


550 Wellington St West

If you are in the mood for something upscale and quality efficient, then you should give The Thompson Diner a try. True to its name, the Thompson Diner is a restaurant in the Thompson Hotel, known for its overall feel and tasty dishes. You should come and dine here is large servings of classic dishes like Mac and cheese, salmon fajitas, hamburgers with fries if what you might be in later in the night.

King Palace


820 Church St

Most days, when it comes to a craving, you would rather just get in and get out. That is what places like King Palace is for. It offers Indo-Pak cuisine that is frozen in the freezer and ready to order. You have the choice to either have it heated up at the stall or take it home. Quick, easy, authentic Indo-Pak cuisine.

The Lakeview


1132 Dundas St West

When it comes to the most popular late night eats in Toronto, no list is complete without the Lakeview in its items. The Lakeview offers more than just excellent food and service, it is a historical restaurant that has survived the years. The burgers seem to be a usual order, beef naturally braised for a more quality dining experience.

7 West


7Charles St West

At 3 in the morning, you may or may not want to be eating something greasy because that is going to stay with you for a while. This is why 7 West has been standing strong as a favorite 24 hour restaurant for 20 years. Mediterranean is their specialty and they know how to do it well. Hummus and Pita Pizzas at a late hour? Yes, please!


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