Top 5 Sushi Joints in Toronto:

Top 5 Sushi Joints in Toronto: 

Natalie Pereira | June 20th, 2016

Calling all seafood lovers in the GTA – this is an article for you! Sushi has grown in popularity around the GTA, causing many small restaurants to pop up all around town. We all know how addictive these little delicious rolls are, and have taken the liberty of putting together a list of our favourite sushi joints in the GTA:


1. Sushi House – 209 Dundas St West 

This AYCE sushi restaurant is known for its $5 sushi take out (comes with sixteen pieces of sushi), and super cheap lunch menu! For $11.99 each, grab a friend for lunch and eat your heart out to some fresh seafood! This little location doesn’t allow much room for many people – so try calling ahead if you’re bringing a whole group of people!

2. Kibo Sushi House – 701 St. Clair Ave West 

This awesome franchise has a few other locations (there’s another one on Queen Street), and has never made sushi look better. Depending on what you order, your sushi will come out in unique plating, full of different colours and designs! This location is open till 10pm all week, so it works out perfectly for your late-dinner sushi cravings. 

Watch the chef’s make the sushi rolls fresh, as you enjoy a glass of traditional sake.

3. JaBistro – 222 Richmond St West

This swanky restaurant will hurt a little more on the wallet, but is definitely worth it once you see the fish quality. Located right in the heart of the Entertainment District, this location is known for it’s JaBistroll – a blowtorched sushi roll stuffed with salmon, snow crab, uni, cucumber and tobiko. 

4. Simon Sushi – 409 Spadina Avenue

This cool hangout spot offers a variety of Japanese cuisine, so you’re not just limited to sushi! If you’re not a fish fan, have their chicken teriyaki bowl, made fresh for you. A major key to success: this restaurant offers takeout/delivery service. If you don’t feel like leaving your place, just hit up this website:, for free delivery over $25!

5. SUSHITTO On The Road – Location changes daily.

My favourite choice on the list, and a total change from your regular sushi roll; is the sushi burrito. This delicious combination of literally, sushi made into a burrito, is made on a food truck that travels around downtown Toronto to a new spot everyday! Check their Instagram every morning to discover where their next travel spot will be!

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