Top 25 Things To Do In September In Toronto

There are various things to do in the month of September and here we present you a to-do list for the month of September.

1. Mine exhibition: Starting in early summer, the Mine exhibition will be running on till the 7th of September at Harbourfront Centre. Mine, as the name goes, refers to both mining and the possessive pronoun; the exhibition combines them both together. More information regarding the event can be found in their official website.


2. (Art)work(sport)work(sex)work: This exhibition bridges the gap and explores the ideologies of how art, work, sports, and sex are linked in the contemporary world and amidst social norms. Further details about the event can be found here.


3. Eminent domain: Yet another art exhibition at the Harbourfront Centre, this explores how human behaviour in the global age has a direct impact on ecological systems. The event that will be taking place up to the 7th of September and more details regarding it can be found when you check out their website.


4. Taste of Jesus in the City: To be held at Queen’s Park on the 12th of September; enjoy the plethora of food, music, dance, awards, and worship and prayers too! You can also volunteer if you are interested in doing so. Their Facebook page has important details you might want to know about.

photo5. TIFF’s fortieth anniversary: To be concluded in September, do attend the grand closing of TIFF’s 40th anniversary. You can check it out on David Pecaut Square at 55 John Street, Toronto. They also have a Facebook page that is regularly updated and you might want to check on that for latest updates.


6. Craft beer passport: Explore the city’s beer scene and take in the views and taste. For $20 you can buy the passport either online or from select locations. To check the locations where you can buy the passport and to have a look at the list of participating bars, do check out their website.


7. Buy some works of art: The Kensington Market Art fair that will run every Sunday till the 25th of October. It offers the perfect opportunity to visit, view, and buy some works of art. You can check their website here, while they also have a Facebook page and you can tweet them @KMArtFair.


8. Dance in Toronto Island: On September 7th, attend the Electric Island’s outdoor music gathering and dance the day away. The line up and details can be seen here.


9. Tryout a new restaurant: Yes, there are many new ones. No,we are not giving out names yet. Try your favorite cuisine or just go and explore something you have never tasted before. With so many options out there, here is your chance to pick and choose what you want to have at a budget that is pleasing to you.

10. Visit a farmer’s market: Support local produce and go green as there are wonderful farmer’s markets out there. Yet another option that you can pick and choose as you like and is budget friendly for everyone out there.


11. Bloor West Village Ukrainian Festival: Visit and explore the Ukrainian culture on the 18th of September. The event runs for three days. You can also volunteer if you are interested. Further details can be found here.

1bw_BloorVillageUkrainianFestival4_0914___Content12. Vegetarian food festival: Enjoy meals and culinary demonstrationsby up to 130 vendors in this vegetarian food extravaganza. The event, held for the 31st time, will take place from the 11th to the 13th of September at Harbourfront Centre and entry is free. Have a look at their website for more details.

13. Toronto Outdoor Exhibition: With over 500 participating artists and more than 100,000 visitors, this is a must visit exhibition. What’s more, if you are an artist, you can submit your works of art too.


14. Web unleashed: Let your inner techie out. There will be speakers representing Google, PayPal, Soundcloud, and Be a part of over fifty presentations and network with upcoming and the established ones on the tech world. Check this for more info.


15. Witness the works of Andy Warhol: Catch his works at 77 Bloor St. Tickets and more information that you may require can be obtained online over here.


16. Be a mermaid: Dress up and learn to master the waters like a mermaid at the Jimmie Simpson Pool. There are various offers up for grabs including a chance for parents and kids to take part and bond like never before. Tickets are priced at $120 but there are other options too. You should definitely check their website for details and bookings.


17. Visit the Graffiti alley: Artistic rebels? Get mesmerized by the works of immensely talented artists who usespray cans like magic wands.


18. Try horse riding: Take riding lessons at equestrian facilities in Toronto. There are many facilities that offer trial classes or you could take advanced classes too. The prices vary, but $40 and upwards will get you decent offers at well established venues.


19. Go to a food festival: Take your taste buds on a culinary adventure.

220. Go for a cruise: The Kajama is a 165 foot tall ship that tours around Ontario and the Toronto Harbour. Dive in for a cruise. With prices starting at just $23.95 for adults and children over 5 years shell out $12.95, this is a wonderful experience to be had at affordable prices. Surf their site for any additional details that you are looking for.


21. Fan Expo: The third largest in North America and the largest in Canada, Fan Expo Canada will be the place for gamers and definitely the go to place if you have children. The event will be taking place from the 3rd to the 6th of September and ticket prices range from $25 to $60 depending on when you intend to visit. You can look for more information here.


22. Parkinson Superwalk: Join and walk with others to raise money and awareness for those afflicted by Parkinson’s. With over $230,000 raised so far, you can come and join in to do your part and show your support for this worthy cause. Head over here to register yourself for one of the walks.


23. Rock N’Stroll: A family get together and perfect bonding time with a party to attend once the walk is over. Registration is now open here and you can win some fun prizes too!


24. MythBusters:  The Explosive exhibition: Something to learn for everyone. Head over to the Ontario’s Science Centre for this one. Tickets are priced according to age ranges while members of the Ontario Science Centre get huge discounts. You can buy tickets here and fish for additional details too.


25. Try a coffee float: All is well that ends well and when coffee is involved, things usually end well. Try this delicious caffeinated goodness.





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