Top 10 Male Pornstars

Top 10 Male Pornstars

10: Long Dong Silver
longdongsiler.lovethiscitytv The legend of Long Dong Silver was that he had an 18” penis. While he starred in movies between 1979-2008 it was learned that his was phony. In reality he wore a foam latex prosthetic that was glued to his pubic hair.

9: John Dough
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John had a degree in biology before getting into the porn industry. In the movie “The World’s Luckiest Man”, he set a record for having sex with 101 women over 3 days. John hung himself in 2006.

8: Lexinton Steele
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AVN’s performer of the year 2000 & 2002 wasn’t always a porn star. Lexinton Steele worked as a stock broker in NY after graduating from college. He prides himself on never drinking alcohol.

7: Randy Spears
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Discovered as a Chipndales dancer, Randy is best known for his gravelly voice and sense of humour. He has won 27 AVN awards with 37 nominations.

6: Mr. Marcus
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Besides a heavy work-out regime, Mr. Marcus has written a novel, “The Porn Star’s Guide to Great Sex”. Mr. Marcus also starred in the film “The Luckiest Black Man” where he had sex with 100 women.

5: Seymore Butts
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Seymore Butts showed the world the “reality TV” side of the porn industry with his own reality show entitled “Family Business”. As a director, producer and occasional actor, he is famous for his “Gonzo” style of movies. Gonzo films are faux reality movies, (parodies).

4: Evan Stone
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Famous for the large cleft in his chin, Evan jokes about his “ass chin”. Known for his humour both in and out of movies, he was originally training to become a member of the 101st Air Rangers.

3: John Holmes
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Maybe one of the most tragic stories in Porn is John Holmes. Known for his large penis, (12-13.5”), he was originally discovered in a men’s room by a fashion photographer. John was forced to leave porn because of a drug problem that caused him to no longer get an erection. Eventually drugs consumed him and he lost all money and contracted HIV. John died of AIDS related complications.

2: Peter North
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Exceptionally recognized in the porn industry, Peter North has developed his own production company producing numerous adult films each year. While not involved in the acting as much, Peter North is also famous for the large ejaculations he had in his movies.

1: Ron Jeremy
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Probably the most famous male porn star in the industry, Ron Jeremy was known for the different “tricks” he could do. It is rumoured that when he first broke into porn that Ron could actually lick his own penis. Now he is nicknamed the badger for his fat, hairy physique. Ron Jeremy has also been able to cross over and do some mainstream movies, with his largest role being in “The Boondock Saints”.

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