Toronto has a huge crowd of partygoers that would line-up a long queue outside clubs and bars just to get inside the hottest nightclubs. The thrill, heart pounding music mix and lighting effects are some of the few things that a club should offer of course a huge crowd to get the party started. Some of the best nightclubs in Toronto are listed below:



The Exhibition Place is a famous district in Toronto where all the great party places are discovered and on top of our list is Muzik. This nightclub has proven to be as great as the clubs in LA. Definitely a sophisticated club where people are certainly dressed to kill or just have a night of their life partying in style.


century room_lovethiscitytv

The century room is a place for the artsy fartsy, young and sophisticated bunch of individuals. This is a hot spot for the rich and famous, with international DJ(s) setting the groove into the highest-level right at the King West district of Toronto.



Cinema will take every partygoer to a whole new place, making him or her feel like movie stars. The place is inspired by the big screen televisions and the atmosphere is booming with bright lights. It offers booths and bottle services with large tables to accommodate guests that love to party hard and also want to enjoy amazing food and booze.



Cube is not technically your super club but this place certainly was thought of inch by inch. It has a classy 70’s look but has a modern vibe to the place and a continuous display of iconic stars is shown throughout the night. The club’s motto is to bring the inner goddess in you and that is exactly what they do you feel starting at the entrance of the club.


gravity sound bar_lovethiscitytv

It’s a whole new look for the Gravity Sound Bar, a led wall that sets the party mood to the highest level. They offer almost more than thirty VIP rooms and bottle services for the guests to enjoy. Weekly ladies will surely enjoy with the amazing weekly events held giving a free pass inside the club.


dolce social_lovethiscitytv

At Dolce Social its about partying hard but with style. The place has been creatively designed not just an amazing dance floor but during those cold winter nights a private fireplace is just a perfect way to enjoy. During the summer time the crowd can simply enjoy the party at the rooftop.


xs nightclub_lovethiscitytv

XS Nightclub has the university and college crowd happening. Labeled as one of the swankiest clubs in Toronto. The place can accommodate 1500 partygoers and the music is definitely the latest and craziest sounds to hit the younger generation.



One of the newest collections of nightclubs found at the center of the nightlife hotspots. It’s a four level venue with amazing lighting experience and heart thumping music. This is definitely a party crowd should not miss!



A nightclub that plays the latest r&b songs to hip hop and latest tracks that gets the people dancing to the beat. It can accommodate a hundred seated guests but who sits in a club when your purpose is to dance the night away.



Clubs don’t always have to be the upbeat tempo; sometimes it’s more on intimate gatherings enjoying exquisite food and drinks. Brassai offers just that with a fine dining experience of French fusion and an amazing array of wine and liquor to set the mood to a more relaxing enjoyment.


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