The taste of the Danforth: the Largest Festival in Toronto is coming to Town

The Taste of the Danforth is an engaging merriment, knowing it as the biggest festival celebrated in Toronto, Ontario, Canada which is held vastly on Danforth Avenue, the state’s Greektown area. This is a 3-day long is coming to town for a grand celebration of fun sponsored by Pilaros; People will be rejoicing in its 20th Year. The day of commemoration is filled of massive foods and attractions- and all are indeed interesting! To put forward satisfaction, just about 2 kilometers is closed within Danforth Avenue from Broadview Avenue across Jones Avenue merely for this huge festival that holds a multicultural range of Toronto. So what high-flying event this year that you should not to miss?

taste of danforth_lovethiscitytvTaste of the Danforth

When: August 09, 2013 – August 11, 2013

Location: Greektown, Riverdale, Toronto



Time schedule: Friday 6 pm-12 am/ Saturday 12 pm-12 am/ Sunday 12 pm-8 pm

Price Summary: You don’t need to buy tickets to join the celebration. What you need to pay are the individual vendors

Everyone who will join Danforth festival is going to have a blasting experience to taste the authentic lip smacking cuisines originated from the Greek food and Greek culture for 2 decades now. This festival in Canada pulls the crowd’s attention year round. As a matter of fact, the Taste of the Danforth magnetizes an approximate 1.3 million people around Canada and all over the US, knowing it as the world’s major Greek festival outside Greece.

Take a quick glimpse on what Taste of the Danforth has to offer:

The festival has an immeasurable array of genuine varieties of foods that are cooked and influenced under the traditional Greek tastes. Some of the best delicacies to be had include spanakopita (a savory spinach pie), moussaka (made from eggplant or potato dish), gyros (consists of roasted meat on a straight up spit and is served in sandwiches), Souvlaki (made of meat sliced in small pieces or vegetables grilled on the skewer), and calamari (calamari rings deep fried and coated with thick batter, added with garlic or plain mayonnaise and lemon juice).

taste of danforth3_lovethiscitytvWith the wide variety of Greek foods to serve by vendors, it doesn’t matter if you are a vegetarian because there is always something dish up for everyone. There are salads that are freshly prepared, and of course, the kadiefi and baklava are foods that should also not be failed to taste. These are the staggering pastry desserts that hold the pride of the Greek. For those who are coffee aficionados, the Iced Coffee Frappe in an ice-cold glass is the kind of Greek drink that you must voraciously slurp.

Moreover, from Greek foods to Greek drinks, there are still so many things to do.

The taste of danforth1_lovethiscitytvTaste of the Danforth festival presents tons of fun-filled action like interactive games, dance performances, live music, etc., and open for all ages. Throughout the summer months, Taste of the Danforth in Toronto will host a series of festivals that showcase various local talents too. Arrive with an empty stomach! Think of that enormous Greek cuisines to tastes are widely offered.

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