The Best Comedy Bars in Toronto

Laughter is the best medicine and some of Toronto’s funniest comedy bars want to prove it you.

How about taking a small tour around the city with us; listed below in alpha-order to gather impartial opinions.

After reading this, you’ll be able to decide for yourself which the best comedy clubs in Toronto are.

Make reservations in mid-town at Absolute Comedy. Wednesday night is PRO/AM night which gives you get a taste of a couple of amateurs that you can compare to some pros that they aspire to be. The rest of the weekdays (Thursdays to Sundays) feature two or three comedians, that funny MC, a feature act and a headliner. Dinner, drinks and a hilarious show all under one roof and if you play your cards right, you can pay as little as $20 for the whole package.

In the heart of Greektown lies Black Swan, a small jazzy tavern that hosts sketch and improv comedy by veterans who also teach classes for those who desire to share their funny bones with audiences. At only $12 a show, plus the cost of your beverage and/or snack, it may be worth a try.

Small and intimate, The Central is a great hangout spot that offers free shows. We had you at “free” right? With nothing to lose, why not check it out for yourself.

A little further west from The Central is Comedy Bar who claim to have the “best improv, stand-up & sketch performances in the city.”All this happens in the basement and gives off that indie cred feel. Comedy also offers “wannabes” a chance to become pros with one of the classes offered in improv, stand-up, writing for television and screenwriting.

Go a little east to The Flying Beaver Pubaret in Cabbagetown. It’s a pub and a cabaret, hence the name. Started by two “busy beavers” who wanted to “open a new place for all the cool beavers to go” the pubaret has a mellow vibe that gets “rowdy” (in a good way) as soon as the various musical and comedic acts take the stage. It’s proximity to Church means the audience is largely gay, although each performer attracts diverse clientele.

Stirring up the comedy scene in The Lower Ossington Theatre (the LOT)are comedians who will have in you in stitches just before you hit the clubs on Saturday night – after the show. Yes, think of this as your very own “pre-drink” and laugh routine.

Wouldn’t more laughter in the office make work more bearable? Another option is The Office Pub, located in the heart of the entertainment district. The menu consists of Karaoke Wednesdays, Thirsty Thursdays Ladies Night, Sex Saturdays and SIX PACK Comedy Night. Your eyes do not deceive you. As they say at Office Pub: “Staying late at The Office has never been more fun!”

Hang out at The Rivoli, a restaurant and pool hall that also functions as an art gallery for up and coming young artists. But if you’re having a blue Monday, turn it around with some laughs and some eclectic global comfort food.

Or go around the corner (actually it’s a couple of blocks) to Second City. Named the most influential and prolific comedy theatre in the world, the Second City has been exactly that since it opened its doors in 1959. Come see the leading brand in improve-based sketch comedy at what the New York Times has called: “A Comedy Empire.”

Yuk Yuk’s named for the sound “we” make when “we” laugh, this funny institution is so popular and well established that it has hosted the likes of Dave Chappelle and Dustin Diamond. The mirror on the back wall allows comics to see just how funny they are. But we say you should go sit in and hear them instead to see if they tickle your fancy.

Think you’ll be holding your sides? There’s only one way to find out. 

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