The 3 Golden Rules: How To Earn A Woman’s Worth

Rule #1: Be Mindful

You will never be able to establish a respectful rapport with a woman if you don’t consider her values, morals, education, and overall thoughts as the most important quality of the conversation that you will create with her. When a man is considerate/mindful of a woman, he creates a sense of value that is easily recognizable by the woman. Considering all women are extremely intuitive, if she catches the vibe that you authentically care about building chemistry with her, she will acknowledge your consideration and allow you to pursue a conversation with her. Once she allows you to speak, then you can gradually build on attraction. If the attraction is legit, you will both notice it in less than a minute of conversing with each other.


Rule #2: Know Your Intention

99% of the time a guys intention to speak to a woman is loaded with all sorts of thoughts that are connected to nothing related to h ow incredible of a person she is. The only thing they can think about is how beautiful she is and how that beauty is triggering a sexual nature to amplify. If a mans intention is solely based on what he wants to get from the woman, there’s a good chance that he will lose the opportunity to build any kind of relationship with her whether it be sexual, spiritual, emotional, or mental. Creating the intention to communicate with a woman should always come from what a man can offer her rather than what the woman can offer him.

Rule #3: Know Your Worth

Men put women on pedestals.  Who can blame them….women are absolutely amazing. They’re so beautiful, so gorgeous, so intriguing, so divine,  and overall extremely wonderful in so many ways. Because we acknowledge this, we lose our sense of self worth and we forget about how awesome we are and how awesome we can become by giving ourselves enough confidence to truly exemplify how great we can be for them. Men lose sight of their own greatness because they get blinded by the magical energy that a woman carries. I get it, it’s tough.  But this leads them/us to get self-conscious, insecure, and egotistical; which leads to embarrassing conversational skills, and a lack of integrity. Women can see through all of that. If you think thesexy-intimidatingy can’t, then you’re wrong.  Men need to realize that they/we are just as important as women are and this way a healthy attraction can be developed.

When a man understands those three basic rules, the rest just flows. 

– aWayWithWords

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