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What is it about summer that makes me crave all sorts of cupcakes, ice creams, and everything else that’s sweet? Wait, it’s not just summer. It’s a year-round craving that never ends no matter how much I get! It’s hard to satisfy the craving for sweets without feeling guilty afterwards. How much sugar was in that fudge brownie I just had? What preservatives were put into my food?

Lovethiscitytv toronto sweet note desserts

Sweet Note Desserts offers a variety of items on the menu that you can indulge in with matcha imported from Kyoto, German style buttercream, French soufflés and more. What sets them apart from the café across the street? At Sweet Note Desserts, there are “no funny things added.” Nothing is made in a large batch like most other bakeries. Your dessert is prepared especially for you after you place your order to ensure freshness, and only the finest ingredients are used. Because of this, there is a little bit of a wait time for your order but your patience will be rewarded with a picture-perfect delectable dessert – a foodie’s heaven.

 Lovethiscitytv Sweet Note Desserts Lovethiscity Toronto

What will you be trying?

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