Welcome to another session of EDM 101. With less than two weeks until Digital Dreams, it’s time to start preparing.

Whether or not it’s your first time attending an EDM festival, these are some great tips to keep in mind. We all know Murphy’s Law to be true (unfortunately), so hopefully this Digital Dreams survival guide will help you get through the festival without anything going awry.

Our friends at Newegg will help you take care of all your electronic needs from headphones to MP3 players to cellphones and so much more!  More importantly, let’s not forget about digital cameras and camcorders to capture all the crazy people, DJs and good times at Digital Dreams!

So, what should I expect?

There will be thousands of people with energy bursting out of this world and loud music that makes adrenaline course through your veins. Be prepared to see bright, neon colours everywhere. Oh, and a lot of dancing. Even if you’re not a dancer, you will be for these two days. Leave all your judgments at the door because this is not the time to criticize. You will see people covered up in the wackiest costumes, and you will see people wearing close to nothing. Anyway, let’s now get to our list of things to consider so that you can have the best time possible at Digital Dreams.

1. Sunscreen

It doesn’t matter what you wear, but you better be wearing sunscreen. I know we all want to tan a little, but 10+ hours in the sun without protection will lead to immense skin pain after—so NOT worth it. Try not to stay out in the sun all day long. Heatstroke/sunstroke is ALWAYS a party buzz killer, so get some shade here and there.

2. Sunglasses and Earbuds

Bring your sunglasses/shades, but leave the Gucci and Chanel at home! Losing a $500 pair of sunglasses at a festival has been known to happen and who the hell are you trying to impress? This is Digital Dreams, not Canadian Fashion Week! No amount of carrots in the world, post-festival, are gonna help you once the rays from the sun fry your rods and cones. But don’t wear your sunglasses at night… well Corey Hart said it was OK in his song, so we won’t argue with a Canadian Music legend. Standing in front of the speakers is a surefire path towards Deafville… population YOU. Earbuds are your best bet to enjoy the festival, and many others later in your lifetime.

3. Hydration

H20 is the way to go! All day out in the sun without proper fluids will lead to dehydration and a potential trip to the emergency tent, so let’s keep in mind that Digital Dreams has water stations as well as vendors selling beverages at various areas of the festival grounds.

4. Pack All Essentials

Digital Dreams will allow you to bring in a small backpack (subject to security search prior to entry) and the following:

– Empty water bottles
– Sealed water bottles, up to 2 liters MAX
– Point and shoot cameras (non-professional)
– Small collapsible umbrella
– Small towels
– Personal amount of factory sealed packaged foods
– Flags of any size (provided they are not fixed to a pole of any kind)

Extra articles of clothing such as t-shirts, sweaters (it may get a bit chilly at night), socks, underwear (shit happens—no pun intended) and even extra shoes are always a safe bet. Digital Dreams also has lockers available for rent: $16.50 for the entire festival or $11 per day.

5. Awareness and Common Sense

Always be aware of your surroundings, where you are, who you are with and what is going around you. ABOVE ALL, please use some common sense. Be polite and courteous with fellow partygoers so that everyone can have a great time. Know your limits with anything that you ingest to avoid spending the festival with the paramedics. Have fun and let loose, just don’t be a douche.

6. RFID Wristbands

Digital Dreams is going high-tech this year and going 100% cashless. Find out more here. Make sure to load your chip with money before you get to festival online or via the top up/loading stations that will be located near the entrance of the festival.

7. Cellphone Juice

Apart from getting “soggy foot” aka “wet foot,” there is no worse feeling in the world than when you realize your phone is about to die. Using your phone to take pics, record video clips, update social media or keep in touch with your friends at Digital Dreams is a given, so we have 2 charging solutions for you:

1) Visit our friends at Newegg to purchase your own mobile and portable charging unit/battery pack

2) Visit the Newegg Booth at Echo Beach during the festival to take advantage of their FREE mobile onsite charging station.

Stay Tuned for part 4 of our 5 part EDM 101 article series where we will discuss how to navigate Digital Dreams to maximize your experience while on festival grounds!