Spotlight: Hero Certified Burgers


A mighty person needs a mighty meal, and at burger chain Hero Certified Burgers, mighty is what you get. The quick service burger joint is home to towering mountains of meat, covered comfortably with toasty buns and showered with endless varieties of your favorite veggies, sauces and dips.

Founded in Canada, Hero Certified Burgers was designed with sustainable, environment friendly practices in mind. All patties are 100% seasoned heritage Angus beef, meaning the cow was raised without being fed growth hormones, or antibiotics.

The cattle used is also free range and grass fed, ensuring that the animal is provided with a high quality of life. The buns are gluten-free, a major selling point for those trying to cut gluten out of their life.


The meals itself are deliciously filling, fast food has never tasted so good! With a wide variety of burgers to choose from, there’s no end to the combinations of topping, meat, bun and sauce. Beef, turkey, chicken and salmon can be coated with cheddar, blue, or even goat cheese! Your standard onions, lettuce and tomatoes can be found on the topping menu, right next to Portobello mushrooms, guacamole and fried eggs. To top, the Hero Hot Sauce is a popular choice, next to ketchup, mustard, cranberry, or even pineapple mango.


Hero Certified Burgers also offers several burgers as specials, designed by the chief burger-brain for maximum flavour. The newest addition, the Kalamata burger, is made with fluffy feta cheese and black olives. The taste is delightfully tangy, with the sharp cheese and olives augmenting the savory taste of the thick, delicious patty. The Blue Moon burger is also featured, combining the pungent blue cheese with mushrooms for a wonderful blend of flavor. If you’re really hungry, get the Heavy Hitter, with 2 massive patties, and a combination of the various toppings offered, it’s sure to satisfy even the mightiest appetite.


With over 50 restaurants spanning across Canada, Hero Burger is expanding and feeding hungry heroes faster than ever. Chances are there’s a location right by you! So next time you’re walking down the street, don’t be a sidekick, grab a Hero Burger!

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