Feature Skydive Burnaby – Best Spot To Jump

Feature Skydive Burnaby – Best Spot To Jump


So you’ve decided to jump out of a ‘Perfectly Good Airplane’!

Congratulations on taking the first step and visiting the Skydive Burnaby website. We hope to answer most of your questions here.
A first jump tandem student and her instructor above Skydive Burnaby near Toronto..

A first jump student and her instructor
fly through freefall.

At Skydive Burnaby we have the staff, the experience and the airplanes to make your dreams of flight a reality.We are specialists in Tandem Skydiving instruction and provide a professional service for all people interested in making a ‘once in a lifetime’ jump or for those wanting to learn to how to skydive.

There are a few different options available for making your first jump but at Skydive Burnaby we offer only tandem skydives as your first jump option.

We offer the highest tandem skydives Toronto, the GTA, Golden Horseshoe and Niagara Falls regions allow.

Why choose a tandem skydive?

Well, it’s your safety at stake and we believe that the tandem method of first jump instruction is, by far, the safest and most intelligent choice for your adventure.So jump into the site and see what the exciting world of skydiving is all about.

The next step is up to you!
At Skydive Burnaby, that next step could be 14 000 feet off the ground!

Time To Start Being Adventurous Come Skydive With Love This City TV

Get ready for summer 2017

We will be offering Toronto all summer long from June till Oct 2017 a skydiving experience you will never forget.  Prices start as low as $275 from tandem to solo jumping with pictures and pro video.

Isn’t it time you add it to your Bucket list. 



Contact us today to reserve your spot:

Only $50.00 deposit to get aboard this rush… We treat you like a V.I.P!

Tel: 416-993-3758 or email antonio@lovethiscity.ca

Get ready to jump at 15,000 feet free fall.

Just call yourself superman or superwomen “fly like a bird it’s your time to fly”


Theme: So you’ve decided to jump out of a ‘Perfectly Good Airplane’!

Congratulations on taking the first step.

We host Skydiving trips in GTA for over 8 years now and the rush never gets old.


Ask yourself… are you?


Skydiving trips and adventures  a wait you. Feel free to contact us as we are always happy to answer any  questions.

Skydive TORONTO TOUR ~ Tandem Skydiving and Video Price Guide 2017*


Tandem Prices


Tandem Prices

Digital Photographs

on Custom CD

Digital Video

on Custom DVD

‘Pro Package’

CD and DVD Included

Group and Student Discount rates available.
Prices per person.

Group and Student Discount rates available.
Prices per person.

Professional ’6+MP’ Digital Photographs on CD

High Quality Digital Video on DVD

Share with your family, your friends or the WORLD!






* Prices do not include HST.

 skydiving with love this city

Know lots of wild people just like you…

Organize a Group: Why not share this adventure with your friends? Depending on the size of the group you have organized we can offer you all a discount on your tandem skydives or as the group organizer you can use these discounts to save even more money for yourself. We have jumpers that actually skydive for free because of their organizational skills and ability to bring out large groups for jumping. Use social media to bring your friends together for a day on the wild side.

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