Shake Up Your Summer With Nanashake

Shake Up Your Summer With Nanashake

Summer is finally here and nothing is better on a hot summer day than a cold and refreshing scoop of ice cream. As a long time lover of all things ice cream, I stumbled upon something that could in fact change that forever. It’s this hot new place called Nanashake, located at Yonge and Sheppard. It turns out that there is something more refreshing than ice cream because Nanashake has recreated the traditional ingredients in soft serve ice cream and has made it 100% vegan. Using frozen bananas as their base, Nanashake is not only delicious, but also really nutritious. Love This City got a chance to sit down with the owner and creator, Yazeed, to get a deeper look inside the enchanting creation.

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Q: First question, I’m sure it’s something you get asked often. We want to know if you yourself are vegan?

A: No I am not, I am vegetarian. But the biggest thing Nanashake wanted to do was create a place where everyone feels welcome, that means vegans, vegetarians and omnivores. “Omnis” come here all the time and they are looking for a healthy snack because if you can get a an “omni” to even have one meal or snack that is made without the use of animal products than that’s great.

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Q: Other than using frozen bananas, what else makes up the great Nanashake flavours?

A: For example, in our Rosey Pistachio flavour, we use pistachios and rose water. Whatever the flavour is, using fair-trade, organic bananas really brings out the natural flavours whether it’s fresh strawberries or mint chocolate.

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Q: What was your inspiration to open up Nanashake?

A: My family and I had started eating healthier and my wife was the one who started looking up recipes to make off the Internet. She started looking at frozen banana ice cream and then she added her own unique ingredients to it. The whole idea really came from my wife; she is the mastermind behind the different flavours and how everything came to light.

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Q: What is the story behind your name, Nanashake?

A: It was actually about five years ago, my daughter and I used to play in the pool and I used to hold her feet and say “banana shake.” It just became a thing and then it just stuck when we opened Nanashake, it’s like banana shake, but it sounds better. And we didn’t want to call it banana cream or banana ice cream, because it’s not. It’s vegan frozen dessert and doesn’t have any kind of dairy products in like your typical ice cream.

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Q: What’s the best part about Nanashake in your mind?

A: The best part about Nanashake is how you feel afterwards. It’s not like your typical ice cream where you feel gross after eating it. Nanashake is all plant-based ingredients; fruits, nuts and natural ingredients found from the earth. So when you finish a Nanashake you feel energized because you just ate a whole bunch of nutritious plants. So to be able to eat a frozen dessert that taste just like regular ice cream, to me it even taste better. It’s made with 100% natural ingredients and it’s actually good for you. Some of our flavours are actually perfect for breakfast because it’s nuts and fruits.

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Not only does Nanashake offer soft serve ice cream, but they also have a frozen dessert pop. Which is perfect if you want to try something completely different. With six unique flavours; The Original, Chocolate Delight, Strawberry Funshine, Spiced Date, Rosey Pistachio and the Affogato, there is a flavour for every ice cream lover to choose from. They also offer an assortment of different vegan toppings to add to your soft serve, things like vegan cookie dough, peanut butter and Oreo cookies make the perfect addition to your frozen dessert.

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With everything made on site at the Nanashake location, everything is always fresh and delightful. If you’re anything like me and like to eat healthy while still feeling satisfied than you definitely need to checkout Nanashake. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. Nanashake is the perfect place to indulge yourself with a tasty and nutritious frozen dessert!

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