Do you have a knack for selling things to people and also enjoy music festivals? Bonus points if you have friends that like to buy tickets to said festivals! You can sell your way into free Veld Tickets this August. It’s as easy as it sounds. Simply sign up on the official Veld site, make sales, and get rewarded. The great news is it costs nothing to sell Veld Tickets but you gain everything! Each level comes with cool perks from free tickets to VIP upgrades to have you living it up like a bawse!

Sell Your Way into Free Veld Tickets

Selling seven tickets gets you free admission. Sell ten and get a free after party ticket. It’s when you start selling twenty of them that you become the Veld Allstar with the crazy perks! And to be honest these things will probably sell themselves at the end of the day! Whoever said money can’t buy happiness hasn’t been to Downsview Park for Veld because it’s the closest thing.

This year headliners include Future, Major Lazer, Tiesto, Zedd and so many more. August 5th and 6th you’re probably going to Veld anyways because everyone that is anyone will be there. Why not be there for free?