Professional Eyelash Extensions Are HOT… Lashes By Nandi

Professional Eyelash Extensions. Looking for ladies who are interested in getting lashifed 🙂 Special promo on now.

Lashes By Nandi

Have a big event coming up?  Synthetic Mink eyelashes are a great way to have tear-proof makeup — instead of having eyeliner and mascara run down your eyes when your crying for joy at your sisters wedding or even yours for that matter , this is the perfect solution . Secondly on wearing mascara , no offence, but fake eyelashes are like the cosmetic’s more mature older sister. Instead of slavishly applying coat after coat of black ink to the tops and bottoms of lashes, and often smudging it on our eyelids or losing an eyelash or three while trying to remove it before bed, fake eyelashes are a no-fail way to instantly get the kind of pretty, perfectly separated and thick lashes of our dreams. Save both time in the morning and before bed . Who can’t use some extra time in a day. So what do we say to Mascara ? Drop it like it’s hot, you will thank me!

Located in the GTA– North York area minutes away from Downsview and Sheppard Station.

Booking by Appointment only

Lashes By Nandi 

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