Praia de Rocha: The Perfect Location for The BPM Festival


Algarve Uncovered
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The BPM Festival is by no means new to the festival scene but this year’s venue most definitely is. Praia da Rocha (which translates into Rock Beach) located in the southern part of Portugal is the perfect location for such a music festival. In fact, it’s perfect for any occasion. It’s known as one of the first towns in the Algarve that was created just for tourism. Enjoy the sounds of worldwide renowned artists while enjoying the golden sand of the restaurant and casino lined Atlantic Beach. It sounds like festival heaven and not only is it rich with music this year, Praia da Rocha is rich with history and lined with limestone rock formations, beautiful cliffs and let’s not forget the stars of the show, the Atlantic and Mediterranean Ocean. This resort town is bustling during and even after the festival. Party at some of the many nightclubs or dine at one of the restaurants and make sure to take lots of pictures as people won’t believe you if you tried to describe it. There is something for everyone as they cover all their bases and budgets when it comes to cuisine. Don’t think for once that during your downtime you will be bored as there are dozens of things to do around the island. You could participate in water sports, take a boat trip, watch fireworks or live music and even powerboat race because why not? You only live once and if you make it to this picture-perfect island for The BPM Festival you don’t need us to tell you that the island is picturesque and just like The BPM Festival it’s a once in a lifetime type of place.


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