Must Sip Cocktails in Toronto

Happy hour used to be getting the gang together and going out for a mixed drink and partying like tomorrow didn’t exist. Now bars and restaurants have taken happy hour cocktails to a totally different level. The creativeness that is bartending in Toronto is epic and it’s not just bartending it’s an art form. Below are some notorious cocktails to check out in the TO.


Vanilla & Hickory Smoked Manhattan | Barchef Toronto

This cocktail comes out smoking literally. It’s delivered to your table like a work of art and you’re not sure if you sip it or take a picture of it. It’s their signature Vanilla and Hickory Smoked Manhattan. It has cherry and black licorice flavor infused with a bit of a’ la minute.


Pistachio Mai-Tai | Spirit House Toronto

Spirit House Toronto is in the heart of Toronto’s King West. They’re known for their cocktail workshops and their yummy cocktail menu.  It’s known for having one of Toronto’s largest selection of bottles and a savory menu that will have you wanting to stay long after last call. The Pistachio Mai-Tai is an incredible spin on the a classic made with SelvaRey Rum and Pistachio Orgeat.


The Drake Caesar | The Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel is known for a lot of things but they’re extensive brunch menu is definitely a highlight. Just scour their Instagram hashtag and you’ll see photos of their infamous Drake Caesar. It’s a savory drink for peeps looking for something that’s not sweet. It pairs well with chicken and waffles. The drink includes Absolut Vodka, clamato juice, Carroll & Co Spice Mix, horseradish and a celery-salted rim.


Fuzzy Wawa | Miss Thing’s

You’ll never have to say goodbye to winter because it’s summer all the time at Miss Thing’s Tropical Pan Asian Restaurant and Cocktail bar. They serve a variety of food that will make you feel like you’re on vacation. Grab yourself a Fuzzy Wawa and all you’re missing is a beach. Enjoy three-year-old rum, coconut sake, kaffir lime syrup, coconut bitters all in a coconut. We’d never want to leave either.


Betterbeer | The Lockhart Cocktail

The Lockhart created quite the buzz when it announced its opening last year. It’s been featured in over sixty articles and other websites and no one heard anything beyond Harry Potter Themed. The only way to describe their Betterbeer is wizardry. Betterbeer is a mix of cinnamon infused toasted butter washed Sauza, house ginger beer, ginger ale, whipped cream and toasted marshmallow.

Toronto bartenders are always trying to one up the next and wow folks in taste and creativity. We can’t wait to see how the cocktail scene evolves.


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