Most people have jammed out to Mr. G Sings’ music didn’t even know it! Under the name Greg Fitzgerald he produced tracks for greats like Jessica Simpson, Madonna and even Kylie Minogue’s epic “Fever” album that went on to sell eight million copies.  He’s hot off the steam from his debut single “The Caged Bird” that dropped last year on Ultra Music. “Plan B” is the perfect follow up and what better label than Dirty Soul Music? Dirty Soul is home to artists like MK, A*M*E, and Bakermat. Check out “Plan B” below and let us know what you think.

Greg produces, writes, and sings and it’s the perfect time for him to step up in the spotlight and do his thing. It’s currently out now! You can buy the track here. What do you think of Mr. G Sings “Plan B?”