JFL42 Comedy Fest is Back

Just for Laughs 42 is a one of a kind annual comedy festival. For ten days straight enjoy over 42 comedians and shows. From September 21-30 you’ll laugh so hard that you will run out of tears from laughing so hard. Somehow they manage to top their previous headliners year after year. This year’s headliners include Ali Wong, John Mulaney, and Bill Burr to name a few. If you attend JFL42 and don’t laugh once we’re going to question your sense of humor.

Jay Pharaoh, Michelle Wolf, Roy Wood Jr, and, The Lucas Brothers are also included in the lineup. With over 42 comedians for one festival, we’re certain you’ll see more than a few stars. What makes JFL42 such a unique experience is the fact that you tailor it to be what you want it to be. Simply buy one of the many festival passes offered, activate that pass, and choose the shows you want to attend. It’s that simple. Only see what you want to see, nothing more nothing less and it’s worth every dollar spent. This year even includes ComedyCon which is a daytime series where some of your favorite comedians answer some of your favorite questions, live podcasts, and all out intimate experience. We’re certain we don’t want to miss a second of Just for Laughs because we love happy tears not FOMO tears. Are you buying tickets to JFL42 if so don’t forget to check out their official site.



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