Is Toronto The Best City to Smoke Pot In?

First off let me start off by answering the question, the answer is yes. Now that we got that out of the way let me start running off the reasons why that is the answer. Many people may not know, but Canada did legalize medical marijuana, which means a lot of people who are suffering from aches and pain will have another option to help them relieve their body’s from the pain. The reason why  that is a good thing is because hopefully this can help reduce the number of people that could get addicted to pain killers. Just last year in Ontario alone there is 57,772 Canadians addicted to pain killers. With marijuana being the alternative option to pain killers in many cases and with Toronto having some of the highest users of medical marijuana in the world you can see why Toronto is the best place to smoke pot in the world. If you are still not convinced lets talk about all the fun that you can have being a pot head in Toronto.

When you are talking about marijuana and fun you can’t leave out MIB_Toronto( marijuana Information Bureau). MIB_Toronto runs a marijuana treasure hunt, thats right, a weed treasure hunt. For those who do not know its one of the biggest weed events in the world. The best part of the game? You get to keep what you find. They also run mini-scavenger hunts throughout the year just in case you did not find enough after the big one. And if that is not enough for you don’t worry, MIB_Toronto has trampoline dodgeball league and yes i am not lying to you, it’s real. Hey, I understand not everyone is in to playing games some times you just like to light one up and relax do not worry Toronto still got you because when it comes to weed lounges Toronto has a bunch of nice ones all over the city. When it comes to options it may get hard to choose so let me help you with that. The most popular weed lounge in Toronto lives in Kensington market and it is called Hot Box( I heard the cookies are amazing)  you can also try out the Beach Buzz Vapor lounge on Queen St. E or the Vapor Social on College. The point is there are places were you can really chill with friends have some conversion and smoke a little weed.

And my last point is very soon marijuana will be legal in Canada. Thats right, Toronto will be the first Major Metropolitan city in the world to have weed legalized( Los Angles will have it legal in the year 2021). Yes, we all know that Denver and Seattle has legalized marijuana but the sizes of those cities do not hold up to Toronto or the population of their people. With the marijuana being legalized in Canada in 2018 That means people do not need to buy it off some sketchy guy in the dark alley anymore. You can just walk in to the many weed dispensaries that Toronto has to offer. And do not worry, I am here to Help you decide on which ones have the best weed in the city.  In my opinion and I don’t know where they get their weed from, but Queens of Cannabis has the best weed in the city located on Bloor Street West. Other good shops are Canna Clinic on Broadview avenue, and Buy Weed Toronto on Queen St. West. For those who did not know you now know Toronto is the best city when it comes to smoking pot  and if you disagree all I can say is everyone has the right to their own opinion. Happy smoking everyone.

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