Irma – Canadian based Hydro companies to Assist in Restoring Power

Tuesday morning, twenty crew members and eight support staff left Toronto Hydro’s Etobicoke location to assist in restoring power to Irma-affected homes and residents.

Bringing along 15 Toronto Hydro vehicles, the crew members will help Tampa Electric with any tasks necessary for the restoration of electricity for affected areas, said Tori Gass, a representative of Toronto Hydro.

Gass said the destination is the farthest the crew has had to travel, with New York City/Buffalo previously being the farthest destination Toronto Hydro had to travel to. The journey is expected to take about two days with Tampa electric putting out a call for help Monday.

According to FEMA, Irma has completely destroyed 25% of the homes in the Florida Keys area while 65% sustained major damage. The storm has cut power for over 6.6 million residents across the Southeastern US and it has flooded parts of Jacksonville and Charleston.

The death toll has risen to at least 48 people, 38 being from the Caribbean where the storm had the biggest impact, with 10 deaths in the US, 6 being in Florida. Harvey in contrast stands at about 70 people so far.

Along with Toronto Hydro, Nova Scotia power is sending 24 workers and Hydro One is sending approximately 175 workers. A St. John’s Newfoundland based company, Fortis Inc. will also send about 60 employees to Turks and Caicos to assist.



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