INTERVIEW WITH GABRIEL PALATCHI- Defining the Sound of World Fusion and Modern Jazz

Toronto’s love for Jazz music runs deep and the global stature surrounding our festivals and events here in the city spark an energy that attracts some of the world’s most accomplished musicians. Lucky for us, Argentinean pianist and fusion jazz artist Gabriel Palachi and his band have kicked off their Trivolution Tour here in Toronto last week, and the buzz surrounding the shows have been nothing but sensational.

The sensuality, soulfulness and modernized fusion of genres from around the world have been captivating the ears of just about everyone who hears it and we can only image what is yet to come. An artist like Gabriel is someone who was truly born to make music and we are grateful for him bringing his vision to life with such beautiful creations and sharing it with us here in Toronto, and around the globe.  

We had the opportunity to catch up with the passionate and brilliantly talented Gabriel Palachi after his first couple shows here in Canada to talk about music, his greatest inspirations and the transformative journey to where he is today. We hope to see you at he Gladstone Hotel this Saturday, or later in the summer when he returns to Ontario for a number of shows. Enjoy!

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Welcome back to Toronto, you just kicked off your Trivolution Tour this evening, how was the show? 

Hi Christina, thanks so much for having me. Shows went great, we performed at Lula Lounge, the Orangeville Jazz Fest and Port’s Perry Jazz Club over the weekend. People gave us a warm welcome to Canada and loved the music, I think it’s gonna be a great tour and I am looking forward to one more show in Toronto this month, this coming Saturday at the Gladstone Hotel.

 In connection with your tour, your latest release “Trivolution” has been receiving such an incredible response, and not to mention has already received multiple awards and recognition. How did it feel to see everything finally come together and receive such amazing feedback?

 I can’t be happy enough with all the great feedback I’ve been receiving from the new album around the globe. It was such a big effort to make the album come to life and we didnt imagine to get so many awards and great reviews in a such short period of time. I think Trivolution has opened a lot of new doors for us. 


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This might be tough, but do you have a personal favourite track from the album? Is there a special story behind it?

 That’s a tough question, since every song tells a different story and are totally different genres from one another. So not sure if I can choose the one I like the most, is almost like asking who is your favourite child lol but if I have to choose one I may choose Dinamita which is the opening track of the album and its an explosive latin jazz fusion which is one of the brand sounds of the trio, I would also choose Tanguinho which is a tango song fusion from my home town Argentina with Brazilian music, this is another original fusion and it can shows our music concept which is the fusion of different world music rhythms.



Since your first album release in 2010, how do you feel your music and yourself as an artist has evolved?

 It definitely evolved a lot and that’s also why the name of Trivolution came about, the first 2 releases are made with more than 20 guest musicians and this album is made mainly for a trio. So the compositions concept is very different now,  we have been really picky with the arrangements and trying to create something totally new.

 Let’s take it back to where it all began…do you remember the feeling of the first time you laid your hands on the piano?

 That was a long time ago but I think I remember the essence of the feeling, I was 8 years old and I remember my parents bought me a small keyboard…I was a very curious and anxious kid and all my focus went to this little instrument. After seeing this my parents bought me a bigger keyboard and started to send me to classical music teachers. 

 Did you always know music was what you were born to do?

 Well, I always loved music since I was a kid and started to get gigs pretty young. But, I realized that this was what I wanted to do when I was 21 when I entered the Berklee Music School of Argentina, that totally opened my mind.  


Can you share any memorable moments along your musical journey that have deeply inspired you?

 Well I definitely have several of those, one that changed my life was the opportunity to study with one of my idols Chucho Valdes in Cuba which gave me lots of strength and inspiration to continue the musical journey and find my own sound. Another one was when I went to live to Tulum Mexico in the Caribbean, here I got a lot of inspiration and I started to compose my music, Tulum is actually the place where I compose almost all my music. 

 You have attended world class music schools and you have trained with so many legends…what was some of the greatest advice you have ever received and who was it from?

 Coming back to the last question, it was with Chucho Valdes where he told me one the greatest pieces of advice…which is “don’t try to sound like anyone else, learn from everyone but always look to have your own sound”, this definitely changed my musical career forever.  

 Where are some of your favourite places in the world to preform?

 I live in Tulum, the Mexican Caribbean and this is one of my favourite places to perform and dreamed of. I always dreamed to play music in a paradise beach and this is exactly what I do 6 months every year. Also I love to perform in Canada’s music festivals surround by nature, mountains and by the lake. 

 Having such a unique sound and a fusion of so many genres of music, in your own words how would you describe your sound and the feeling you want transpire to your listeners?

 This is something people have asked me for a while and I still dont know how to express the right answer since there is not a genre for the music we do. If I have to put it one genre I would say that my music its a World Music Fusion.  I want to take the listeners in an eclectic music journey around the world. 

 It’s safe to this year has been an incredible, fulfilling and busy year for you…the album, the tour and to top everything off last month you were also featured in Billboard Magazine, any other exciting plans in the works for the rest of 2016?

 Yes we have been receiving several awards lately and this give us lot of strength and inspiration to keep going on the same path. 

For 2016 we have 36 shows ahead of us across Canada which it will be awesome I know, this is the biggest tour I have done with my band till now. Also we are planning to do a tour across Europe in September and October, this will be the first time we go there and  is something I have dreaming of and I have worked really hard to make it happen, so I couldn’t be more excited about this year I think it will take the band to the next level.

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