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Worthy, the self-proclaimed “booty future house” artist, started off producing tracks under the well-recognized Dirtybird Label amongst house legends, Claude Vonstroke and Justin Martin. Today, Worthy has successfully organized his own label, Anabatic Records, and continues to grow his fanbase everyday.  

For those who don’t know much about the dance music industry, or what your music stands for, can you describe it to us in one sentence?  
My music is an experiment of ways to make you move your body and especially to get that booty bouncin’!
You’ve embarked on your One on One Tour across North America with tons of support from other artists; has there been a show that has stood out to you so far?  
Honestly, all of the shows have been really incredible. Every city has a different vibe and flavor to it both on and off the dance floor. I would say my favorite shows so far have been Reno, the energy of the crowd there was one of craziest I have ever had. People were dancing so hard that night.. Also DC was pretty special for me, since it’s my hometown and I always enjoy going back there and seeing how it has changed and evolved.
Besides being one of the co-founders of the well-established Dirtybird Parties, you’ve
also successfully founded Anabatic Records, a label focused on ‘booty future house’. Have you found it hard to break away from the association with Dirtybird to focus on
your own project?   
I feel like I have found a good balance between Dirtybird and Anabatic. Dirtybird is my roots and always feels like being with family. Anabatic is really more about digging into myself and having the opportunity to explore music, both production and releasing other’s music, in my own way. Also, lately I have been really focused on putting my music out on other labels that really make sense for different tracks that I make, and I like having that freedom and flexibility to really put myself out there in limitless ways. Dirtybird is my O.G. crew and I am so thankful to have been there from the beginning, but I also wanted to spread my wings and fly.
The combination of touring and promoting your most recent single, Keep Me Up, has given you a busy start to 2017. Are there any other surprises or big plans for the rest of  the year?
Well I have some pretty dope tracks I have been saving up that are coming out on Strange Love, a new Toolroom sub label, This Ain’t Bristol, Sweat It Out, and Love and Other. And much of my time of late is focused on Anabatic Records and taking it to the next level. Ideally, I really want to get a tour put together in some other territories like Europe, Australia and South America, so I am putting my energy into making that happen. But my main focus is on making music and really getting myself out there in different scenes and seeing how people respond to my tracks. 
Any last words or thoughts?

We are taking submissions for Anabatic Records and looking to break some new artists, so if you are a producer sitting on some sick tracks, hit me up!

Love This City: Lightning Round

Favourite food?  Hummus and Crackers
Summer or winter?  Hard one. Summer for day parties, Winter for Snowboarding. It’s a toss up!
2017 is the year of making shit happen.
Are you a fan of pineapple on pizza?  Gross
Favorite color? Purple 
If you could travel to any place in the world right now, where would you go? Japan
Dogs or cats? Dogs
Next big trend in ‘EDM’?  Weird ass DJ names
Biggest pet peeve?  Dishonesty
What’s your guilty pleasure?  Twitter

Check out more of Worthy’s music on his Soundcloud:

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