Hearty and Healthy In The Winter – Tips from a LTC Writer

fruit smoothies Winter is officially upon us.  After a long stretch of holiday eating, all we can think of are the gigantic meals we feasted on and learning to eat regularly again.  But since the winter keeps us locked indoors most of the time, it’s quite the challenge to keep full by eating less and eating right.


Here are some of my own tips (and with the help of loved ones, of course) to eat healthy and hearty during this long cold period of the year.


BREAKFAST: If there’s one thing I worship every morning, it is the fruit smoothie!  This is a simple recipe; blend all these ingredients in a blender till the mix becomes a puree or thick juice:

·      Half-cup of almond milk

·      ¼ cup of yogurt

·      Half a banana

·      Full apple, sliced

·      ¼ cup of fibre bran buds

·      One tablespoon of peanut butter

·      Two ice cubes


This smoothie should be enough to fill a tall glass and it is usually filling enough to tie you over until lunchtime.  Of course, if you still want your morning coffee, go for it… I do it too.  Remember not to add sugar!


LUNCH: I am addicted to chickpeas.  They’re filling and they’re full of the good starch that keeps you slim.  Might I add they’re also rich in fibre and protein that keeps you feeling full.  Add them to a coleslaw salad packed with tomatoes, cucumbers, chopped red bell peppers, diced carrots, a sliced up pair (or peach) and walnuts and you’re favourite balsamic vinegar.  Add a yogurt and fresh fruit on the side.  These can be made the night before! Chickpea Salad


DINNER: After a long day at work you want something hearty and satisfying like a warm bowl of chili!  Plus you can stick to your same familiar regular chili recipe – just swap out a few ingredients.  My boyfriend is vegan, so he often experiments with healthy and non-meaty foods – and cooks for me.  And yes, there is such a thing as meat-free chili that still tastes good and is both filling and practically fat-free!  For healthier chili, The Boyfriend recommends you:


·      Swap out the meat for rinsed black beans and red kidney beans (use full cans).

·      Swap out the standard tomato sauce as its full of sodium and other bad ingredients.  Instead, use pure organic strained tomatoes (you can buy a jar of this).

·      Finally, replace olive oil with grape seed oil.

·      Remember to add a bunch of chili and spices – it speeds up your metabolism exponentially.


I am always super full after this dish, but I feel great.  Plus, we usually have more than enough left over to save in the fridge for the next day.



Written By: Melissa Teodoro

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