Electric Island Civic Holiday Weekend

With the Civic Holiday long weekend coming up that means we are about to experience the third instalment of the 2017 edition of Electric Island and of course the line up is, as always, very impressive.

This August Long weekend the festival is going to operate out of the Portlands at 51 Commissioner Street just like it did for Canada’s Birthday. The grounds have proved first-class to be able to house Electric Island with the organizers doing a superb job at keeping the island feel alive. This edition we have JACKMASTER who will be making his island debut and is known best for his element of surprise in his sets to keep the crowd dancing and wanting more. The festival also hosts Nina Kraviz, Mano Le Tough, Deetron, Dam-Funk and many others, you check out their sounds at the bottom of this article to start getting into the vibe.

We must mention.. This year hasn’t been the easiest so far for the festival. With the flooding of Toronto Island and having to find new locations last minute to accommodate this giant outdoor festival, must not have been a walk in the park for the organizers. Then to top it off, add in the pressure from their loyal fans wanting to know where the new location was going to be for them to be able to dance to their favourite sounds late into the night. The festival organizers came through of course (did anyone really ever doubt them though?) and they showed us they can adapt to any situation no matter how big. If this doesn’t create even more loyalty from their already devoted fan base, then I don’t know what will.


Needless to say we are extremely excited for another summer day listening to our favourite music, with our favourite people, at our favourite Toronto Festival and couldn’t be more thankful to the organizers for putting together an event that has never let us down once and keeps us craving the next one as soon as we walk out the doors.

Make sure to get your tickets ahead of time if you haven’t already. You don’t want to be stuck in line waiting to buy them while everyone is getting a head start on the fun inside. You can get your tickets here.

See everyone at the “island”

Check out pictures from previous Electric Islands here





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